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  1. From what I saw standing inside turn #1 and #2 nobody had anything for Meier on the restarts and he ran the smoothest line with a dialed in suspension. I’m sure there will be several drivers who will figure out why they couldn’t hang with Meier and make the corrections. It was a awesome race.
  2. A lot of cup teams know how to set up shock/spring combinations on pavement and dirt. Should be some great racing strategy on Saturday and Sunday as the track changes.
  3. 8 Big Block races? The schedule hasn’t been completed or announced.
  4. I’ve watched VanDoran race a few times this year. He races clean, hits his marks and is quick on the restarts. Didn’t surprise me at all watching him win the 50 lap EWS Sportsman Championship. There’s guys in their 20s who would rather run over equipment for a late race pass for 18th place
  5. Interesting title to the post ... lol. Not much easily known research in it. The other “incident” involved last year’s Kentucky race where NASCAR confiscated the truck due to what they determined was a rear firewall issue. (Section C of the rear fire wall rule) Friesen had to race the back up truck and finished 2nd. No penalties issued to the team.
  6. Horton was the class of the field that night. I believe the tangle with Wight bend his front axle and just took away the edge he had. I thought he had the win that night until the incident
  7. I enjoy those posts too. “Kickbacks” and the belief that Gov. Cuomo somehow controls the process of Construction bidding. Some people live in a bubble but it is entertaining.
  8. Fact : Halmar was not part of the group that was the low bidder on the Mario Cuomo Bridge. It also didn’t dismantle the Syracuse Grandstand ( yup, a few people were gullible on that one too). Thanks for sharing your inside information. Sounds like a reliable source.
  9. That was humorous ... people stated Halmar built the Mario Cuomo Bridge and demolished the grandstands at Syracuse. Fact check ... neither is true. Gullible
  10. It absolutely can’t hurt. On a couple of weekly nights having Friesen in the line up too should make the racing interesting.
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