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  1. I see Dunn is in the Mike Payne #7 tonight. Is this a season long deal or a one off? what is the deal with Graham racing? Are they done?
  2. Why isn't isn't there a $5K to win PST race? Or a 5K to win URC race? You can try and make this a fight all you want but if Deyo wants a $5K to win race he just has to schedule one. If the money is there the racers will come.
  3. I don't buy the conflict of Interest. There is nothing stopping ESS drivers from running Fonda. Sprint car drivers run different series at different times all the time. Also ESS drivers have significant input, i'm sure if they thought Dean was doing a bad job he'd be out.
  4. Hello, Watching the highlights of the Tulsa shootout this weekend i was wondering, what is the difference between the mini mods they run there and our mod lites? Could our mod lites run there? If so has any local guys tried running it?
  5. The only small blocks i see are Trump, who switched to a big block by the end of the year, and Krause
  6. The Mohawk race was well attended but the racing was terrible. Both nights the features we're one lane less than half way through. I'm pretty sure the drivers didn't like it and as a fan it was awful. Eventually people will stop going. It's a couple of years in a row that this happens.
  7. I have them on speed dial but i prefer asking a question here and getting a smart ass remark back..
  8. Just wondering what the deal is here? Perrego is in a RezX car and Mad Max in in a Graham car? Will Perrego still drive for Graham next year? Is Billy Dunn going to be driving for Graham this weekend, what about next year?
  9. Everything is awesome but up to date points would be great, one more reason to visit the site. Instead of visiting each series/track separately
  10. So let me get this straight, because he vlog doesn't pump up other drivers its bad for the sport? So when a news paper covers the local team and doesn't talk about the other teams its bad for that sport? You don't have to like Mandee, Mike, their vlogs or the shoes they wear but to say they are bad for the sport is asinine. Of course it focuses on her and Mike, they obviously benefit more than most but she often calls out the winner and talks about other drivers. The goals is to promote yourself, your brand and your skills. If they get sponsors or other revenue they are doing their
  11. Does no one realize there were over 300 cars??? How amazing is it that you can have that many cars for an entire weekend of racing. Obviously having that many cars on track for that many laps is going to beat up the surface, especially with all the sun we had (We got a lot of Sun!!!). But we got to to see more racing in 3 days than most people see in a year and people still complain. Will the racing always be great obviously not but you haters can't see past your own noses and once you finally do it'll all be gone, what will you bitch about then? I for one think its was an aweso
  12. As of last year quick fills were not mandatory for the BB race. Mat Williamson ran without one
  13. Any idea how many mods we should expect? Historically you get 2 or 3 non qualified cars and a dozen cars who did'n run Oswego. Does the extra money attract anyone else?
  14. yeah it rained during Dirt Week but by then the track was prepped. The weather leading up was nice which gave them time to prep it. This year not so much
  15. We've had a lot of rain since they started putting the dirt down and the forecast looks up and down between now and SDW. Any idea how the track is looking?
  16. Classic is over and SDW is 5 weeks away. When does the dirt start going down?
  17. Thank but i meant which drivers. Anyone willing to give up a top 10 spot in points to run OCFS?
  18. With the lead up to the big race at OCFS we're looking to break up the trip and stop at Malta on Friday. All classes are running but the question is which mods will be there? Any Malta regulars running OCFS that Friday instead?
  19. Brockville is paying $10K this Saturday. A lot of guys shut it down after dirt week but this should entice some guys to keep racing. What kind of car count can we expect? Wight and Sears are battling in the points so they should be there. How many Big Block guys will stick around for the race? Sheppard, Britten, Rudolph and Phelps all ran 358 at Oswego. Obviously there are a lot of 358 cars locally too, not to mention Merriteville guys like Williamson and Lindberg. Cornwall had over 40 for its 10K race could this be higher?
  20. Anyone know what channel we can hear the announcers on?
  21. Is Britten going to run the 358 race this year? He did last year. If yes will Graham field a 358 car for the Doctor?
  22. Nowadays once cars are in a redraw position no one races they just coast making for boring heat races. What if the guys in the redraw position had something to race for? How about instituting a 2 tier redraw system. Using a 3 heat, top 4 to the redraw example: The top 2 would go into the redraw for 1-6 Position 3-4 would redraw for 7-12. This way you have the 5th and 4th place guy racing harder, 3 is actually trying to pass 2 and 2 is probably trying to pass one just to be safe. The down side is when they start the heat based on TT with no invert. This would increase
  23. He wasn’t at Mohawk last night. I know he was suspended 1 week but he was able to run this race. Will we see him anymore this year?
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