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  1. Bingo ranger, see below. Says the person that took my comment about the substance of your posts and turns it into something about Trump. Hilarious.
  2. My comment has nothing to do with politics, but thanks for drawing that conclusion.
  3. Is your real name Chester? Because I swear to God every time I see a post from you all I can think of is him.
  4. I think we should get BV/DV Fan to chime in with an unbiased opinion on the Varin situation.
  5. When's the last time you went to Stafford? I'm not a full bodied fan but the class has made big strides the last 3 years and they've had some great racing lately.
  6. Track went from really smooth for hot laps to really rough for the heats in a hurry.
  7. They changed the point system for 2020 (150 to win with smaller increments between positions down to 90 for a DNQ) which means it's a bigger hit if you're not actually there than it was in the past. There's still a good possibility with 3 missed races that Stewart will still finish in the top 12 however.
  8. From page 4 of 5/11/21 AARN here is a direct quote from Reynolds: "He is not a Platinum member because he knows he's going to run races in direct competition with ours. We all know he's going to go to the Fonda 200."
  9. Unfortunately it was his really good engine that had issues at Middletown Thursday night. Hopefully things will get straightened out in time for Lebanon on Monday.
  10. Do you really think he would skip the 53K to win Fonda 200 over Canandaigua? That's what this whole Platinum thing is over, not the fact he's running truck races.
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