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  1. That isn't a thing that gets looked at in tech very often I imagine. Is there anything in the rule book about lead inside of the front axle?
  2. That's also highly dependent on where you go. I've seen a lot of complaining about whatever tech they are doing for the night being stupid but I'm sure guys like rocky didn't mind hearing their motors are legal. I would welcome more tech at a weekly race level because most of the tracks I've been to just aren't that strict. I watched some tech guys try to park 13 cars for the night after a heat race over their transponder location being wrong by less than an inch but I've also seen people not check the chips all night at a sportsman race.
  3. A lightweight rear end and less rotating mass won't make up for your lack of skill. Will it help give you an edge if youre already running the car as fast as you can get it? Sure, but if you think rocky wouldn't have won in a used teo with a 5k crate motor and normal rear end on steel wheels I'm not really sure what to tell you. He might not have been so dominate but he sure would have still beat most of the guys most of the time.
  4. They don't have to be but people choose to spend that much. Give a good driver a used bicknell from a big block team slap 4 steel shocks on it and put your crate motor in it and he will still run up front. All the other stuff is such a marginal return on investment.
  5. It's more of a necessary evil to the drivers I think. 100 laps is a long time to get back from a bad draw to get into a good finishing spot. 8 laps in a heat race that might have no passing might not be enough time to make it up. That way you make it into the race on your own ability but it creates some good racing for the fans
  6. Still beats the 40k big block. But people complain when they don't tech the motors and people complain when they pull them and dyno them. No reason for the tracks to up tech when they are pulling 60 plus sportsman at big shows. What's in it for them to tech more?
  7. They're actually looking at running sportsman and 358s against eachother. They say it's "not a motor track"
  8. I float around central to northern ny. I actually don't mind pro stocks that much. I would miss them but I don't see the draw of racing one over a sportsman. However I do love that they can run pro stocks 3 and 4 wide and rub without smashing the cars.
  9. I find most of the support classes we run up here to be super boring. Watching street stocks go slow in a line is not very entertaining to me. They have some cool support classes down in Ohio that produce good racing but I've only seen a handfull of good prostock races in the last couple of years
  10. I don't think sportsman is the reason late models aren't popular in the northeast. There are few places to race a late model here and there are no supers so you can't move up to anything anyway. Makes more sense to spend money on a car you have room to move up with. Northeasthe modifieds are the premier class up here. The issue with pro stocks and street stocks is you can buy a modified roller for like 10k slap a 602 in it and have a decent racecar. Why would someone get in a pro stock if they can just get into a sportsman?
  11. I wouldn't really Consider something like mohawk a short track. On dirt you really need to be down by the 1/4 mile mark to be a short track. The way i thought about it is if the gear I'm putting in my sportsman starts with a 5 it isn't a short track
  12. I wouldn't be against running less body. Just loose the doors and quarters and make a smaller deck. Would save me a lot of time on straightening stuff.
  13. Am I the only person that thinks the cars look good with sail panels on?
  14. It's been a while since I had been there. The last time I was there the dust just floated a few feet off the ground and never moved. It was so thick. Haven't seen anything else like it
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