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  1. Can substitute douchebag for doofuses. I can think of one in particular. I am in the same boat Darwin. Made it to 3 races this year. Spent probably a solid 2 months in the adirondacks not at a race track. Loved every minute.
  2. Does the system actually weigh 50Lbs or is the weight break just some asinine thing to create a competitive disadvantage to half the field? Yes, i know its supposed to motivate people to get them but at the cost of creating a competitive disadvantage is really really dumb. 50lbs is allot on these low HP cars.
  3. Spot on right there with that post. Heres my suggestion for drivers that feel this is a financial burden, how about not spending $800-1K on a new wrap for 2019 and instead buy the fire suppression system? Problem solved, your racing and your safer than before.
  4. Anyone have any information or updates for 2019 plans? Schedule?
  5. Surprised there is no scuttlebutt yet over this. 10lb fire suppression systems mandatory in 2019 for DIRT BB's SB's, sprints and late models. Sportsmans get a 50;lb weight break for 2019 if you run them and mandatory for all sportsman in 2020. System from what ive seen start at about $600 and on average $800.
  6. Best way to stay warm during the winter is cocaine and hookers. Maybe some hot cocoa too.
  7. I have no preference. Just though the post read funny like its some big thing when in all reality, its nothing and nobody really cares. The comments make it seem like its on the level of Lebrons Decision or some top secret trade agreement. Thats all. Things amuse me in my head.
  8. Its a huge conspiracy secret thats going to change the racing world. LMAO God i wish they would announce already. These pins and needles are getting painful and i would really like to get some sleep. Been on edge and not sleeping as i dont know yet. Will they just make the announcment already? Is it going to be like when Leborn announced what team he will play for? Will Graham racing have a half hour show on ESPN to let everyone know? Meanwhile, not many people really care.............
  9. Gotta play keep up with the jones after all the repairs at Brewerton and Fulton. Throw in how awesome weedsport is, these tracks can no longer be dumps or people wont go. Are they ever going to upgrade the pit bathrooms at outlaw? Walked in there once and it looked like Mr. Miller had just destroyed the burrito bar the night before. After that, never went back to that track.
  10. There would be 40 upset people that would have nowhere to post if you shut the forum down.
  11. Oops my bad. Was thinking TH as in Thompson. I'll be sure to spell it correctly in the future.
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