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  1. 3 minutes ago, DarwinsBeagle said:


    My off-season hobbies (camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling) are becoming my on-season hobbies more and more.  Between the dusty dry-slick hellholes, hour long intermissions, 2 AM marathons, rewarding guys for single-car cautions, 38 classes of minivans on DIRT, and doofuses on power trips because they moderate online message boards, I think I made it to 6 races last year . 


    Can substitute douchebag for doofuses. I can think of one in particular.  

    I am in the same boat Darwin. Made it to 3 races this year. Spent probably a solid 2 months in the adirondacks not at a race track. Loved every minute. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Eagleonemotorsports said:

    In today’s day of racing safety is s top priority!! But with it comes a price. And the other issue comes is comparing the same standards of system. I will be offering a system that has been proven to have many advantages because not all systems are the same. The cheaper systems use an agent that is more harmful to breath and recks havoc with wiring in your car. Some systems the bottle uses a tube inside the bottle that if upside down will not empty the whole bottle. The system I’m going to recommend was tested to put out fire in SFI testing in under 1.75 seconds were others are over 5 seconds! Now if you don’t think 3 plus seconds of extra protection isnt important think about this , would you rather be in a fire any longer then you have too? I get that this is a big expense for a lot of teams. But also I just want people to know that don’t jump on the cheapest option you see out there if your looking for the best protection. 


    Spot on right there with that post. Heres my suggestion for drivers that feel this is a financial burden,  how about not spending $800-1K on a new wrap for 2019 and instead buy the fire suppression system? Problem solved, your racing and your safer than before. 

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  3. On 12/2/2018 at 11:28 AM, BobMiller said:

    I tell this story because it is pathetically true. Hostess sets my girlfriend and I down in the restaurant. A minute later, a young couple gets set down at a table across the aisle from us. Both of them could speak - they answered the waitress when she asked what they wanted to drink and what they were having to eat. Other than that, neither of them spoke an audible word. They did look at each other and made smiley faces now and then, but the whole evening, they communicated back and forth with their phones. I told my girlfriend... a common response in text messaging is LOL. What if one of them replies LOL but they really don't?

    My cell phone sits a whole week on a single charge. There are days and even weeks when it never rings or beeps because I got a message. I can drive to Canandaigua without it and never miss it. I have gone the whole day at work without ever going through withdrawals because I left my phone on the kitchen table that morning. It's not even important enough to me to turn around a mile down the road when I remembered I left it on the table.

    People wonder why I want to drive when we do road trips. Because I don't want to die while you are fu@cking around with your cell phone while driving, that's why. And here is another thing... if we opt to ride together? Better keep that cell phone in your pocket. Because if we are talking and you put me on pause in favor of your electronic buddy... your phone WILL fly out the window, and I've done it.

    Virtue Signaling at its finest.

  4. 4 hours ago, foster said:

    No one is talking yet .. publicly anyways

    Its a huge conspiracy secret thats going to change the racing world. LMAO

    God i wish they would announce already. These pins and needles are getting painful and i would really like to get some sleep. Been on edge and not sleeping as i dont know yet. Will they just make the announcment already? Is it going to be like when Leborn announced what team he will play for? Will Graham racing have a half hour show on ESPN to let everyone know? 

    Meanwhile, not many people really care.............

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  5. Gotta play keep up with the jones after all the repairs at Brewerton and Fulton. Throw in how awesome weedsport is, these tracks can no longer be dumps or people wont go. Are they ever going to upgrade the pit bathrooms at outlaw? Walked in there once and it looked like Mr. Miller had just destroyed the burrito bar the night before. After that, never went back to that track. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, BobMiller said:

    How does a thread as innocent as this turn into a wiener stretching contest?

    No different than any of the other ego maniacs arguing whos pecker is bigger in any other thread? Its like dammit, just whip em out and measure already. 

    Maybe because your a bad moderator and have allowed it to continue?

    Maybe me and Jello are just being assholes mocking others ignorant comments? Playing on the parity of sexism.

    Let me put the thread back on course. Shepard, Halmar, OCFS, Fonda Re-entry, Roll Call. Glenn Ridge, Jake Spraker. Did I miss anything?

    All good now. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Justracing44 said:

    exactly two posts up from this post, you were complaining that other people complain too much about prices going up.


    Now your post is agreeing the cost goes to the fans- which is why they posted.


    Pick your side.

    Wrong there. First was to point out the hypocrisy and stupidity of people on here. Second was logical critical thinking instead of joining the mass hysteria of OMG they are going to raise gate prices. Wasnt agreeing with a gate hike at all but if it fits your agenda, by all means run with it. 

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