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  1. Ugghh. Have any of you anti-vaxers gotten C19 or been around someone who has, or had someone close pass from it ? I mean CMON MAN ! I know you have seen what happens to people, to societies, to the health care system. “F” your opinion and just look around. You wanna get this or give it to someone else? I’ll answer for you. YOU DON’T ! No it’s not perfect and I hate the politicians and especially the greed of the pharmaceutical empires who are no better than thief lawyers. “ NO” I’m not sold on the whole deal and yeah I get it’s not perfect. But did what I could t
  2. Wow. Had no idea Jack Lehner was driving what I assume is still Bill and Erik Nelson’s car. Congrats to them on the win Saturday ! Great to see the smaller teams and someone different winning !
  3. Daaaaayyyyuummm..No Keith , No RJ , No Aussie . That's tough.
  4. Don’t fret none. They bought that mud used from someone and he really didn’t know it was gonna fly up like that.
  5. So much for the rising costs and pandemic hurting racing theory.
  6. Glen Ridge used to be amazing Friday nights before AS reopened ! The incomparable Jimmy King was so much fun to listen to.
  7. Glad you asked. I got the subscription for a few mod races. Have watched some sprint cars but I wasn't aware of the other sports. TY !
  8. "I’m not thinking it, I know you have no clue what the numbers are. I know you are not a WRG accounting employee. I know you are not involved in the day to day DIRTcar operations. There’s no way you could actually know. THIS is what I know." "So many experts. So many that know all of the inside answers, from the outside. All of you know it alls should be rich, and the NYS Lottery should be broke! " So , i don't know or care, but hypothetically John, since you're so passionate about the other gentleman's position, What do
  9. Its just a plastic snap in clip on the end of a wire, like many automotive applications use.
  10. WOW... If that ends up being true about the 28 , I would hope the drivers would stand up and band together for what should be. Maybe just not show up in protest. SOMETHING ! What a bunch of hosers eh.
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