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  1. Would they drive less hard if the other cars had small blocks as well? The point is that those guys know they either can't afford a bb or even if they left and went to another track they still wouldn't win and racing brewerton is close to home or they jsut enjoy the track and racing is their hobby. They have to go to work on Monday or maybe even Saturdays after racing to fund their program and their regular life stuff. Driving an extra hour or more to finish a few spots better and possibly get less money might just not sound all that good
  2. 80% of the guys that line up aren't racing for the win anyway so what's it matter.
  3. Then just don't go? There's 30 tracks that race sportsman pick another one or go talk to Mike about your issues. Posting on this forum about your problem with the surface is just begging for attention and no one cares what your opinion of it is
  4. Out of all the stupidity on this site this post may be the dumbest thing I've ever read. May god have mercy on your soul
  5. Its pretty good anywhere with a spec small block race but against open small blocks isn't really a fair comparison
  6. Would any of you even care about this if no one mentioned it?
  7. I used a w16 at fonda a few races. You could probably run 10th in the feature of you were pretty good. Heat races were rough and if it was heavy I needed hazard lights
  8. Probably better to have one of the guys you'll have to race for the win every week not wanting to punch you by the third race of the year
  9. I'm not really sure how you can work on the car between races if you race Thursday Friday. Most people have jobs or businesses they can't take every Friday or most of the day off to work on the car
  10. How would anyone with a job race Thursdays and fridays
  11. If someone was willing to put the 100k up to build it i'm sure they would be willing to work with you
  12. It's one of those things like being lite. No one who knows anything about sportsman racing would try to get away with that becuase they check it at the scales at any track I've ever been to. Probably got bumped or hit with something depending on how they mounted it.
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