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  1. I'm not going to get in a pissing or bashing match about a guy I barely know. I will report what I see at a local track in real time rather than bringing up stuff from the past.
  2. He had every opportunity that night when he broke to lose it. He broke something and the yellow came out. Way after the yellow, he got plowed, and had every reason not to be happy. He kept his cool. From what I saw had no contact in the pits with the person who plowed him. He was visibly upset loading the car up, and made the comment that there was a lot of work to do this week,but in the moment, he showed the Swamp kid, who was helping load the car, how to handle a rough night.
  3. Btw. He has been through tech several times at Airborne and never been Disqualified.
  4. I know nothing about his past. What I do know is he is a clean and respected driver at airborne. He makes time to talk to fans. He gets along with all staff. He pits next to the young and up and coming sportsman modified driver Fire Swamp (now racing at Cornwall Saturday night since they have opened) and has nothing but good stuff to say about the kid. When John had a wreck a few weeks back, the Swamp team was helping him get the car loaded into the hauler. So at least at Airborne, he gets along with everyone, including a driver who is a different race and ethnicity. This is just my two cent
  5. I'm sure that many of us have been to a number of asphalt tracks and thought, "Can you imagine this place if they covered it with dirt?" There are still a lot of good asphalt tracks, but they would be better if they just covered them. Lol. Let's get a wish list going. Any current or closed asphalt track. I will get the ball rolling on one. The mods and anything that raced on the Syracuse mile have yet to race on anything close to its size. How would Richmond be at 3/4 mi? Just a topic to have fun with.
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. This helps me out for sure.
  7. Hoping someone can help me with a suggestion. Long trip to make to be turned away. I don't want to be stuck in the pits. For Malta I'm a turn four guy. Thanks!
  8. On a side note. I'm two hours north of Malta. I wish they would allow people to purchase their tickets prior to the event. I would gladly pay $15 rather than $12 to insure that I get in and my trip was not a waste.
  9. What happen to the needing a negative test within 24 hours or proof of vaccination?
  10. Heading to Malta Friday. I'm sure it will be typical great car counts. How many less modifieds with Bristol SDS?
  11. With fans in the stands at the NY Rangers game, and fan allowed at the Bills playoff game, when will racing be given the green light on fans? What ridiculous % capacity will they say for an outdoor facility. Rangers game was 10%. Florida panthers 25%, which is interesting being that Florida dirt tracks packed. SC dirt tracks packed. Lincoln P A looked pretty packed too. With Many tracks set to open in mud April, and many others early may, I would hope The state makes a decision.
  12. Nothing but respect . Saw him involved in a wreck Fulton ESS during summer speed week. Next day pull early into Utica Rome. Only person in parking lot? DV working on the tore up sprint car. Not a big list of drivers who can wield a modified and a sprint car at such a high level.
  13. Congratulations to JaMike Sowle on getting the Palmer ride. Some will think I'm crazy but one of the greatest performances I saw one night at Malta was when JaMike hit all the marks perfectly and held off the GOAT Mr. Hearn, to get the win.
  14. I will probably get a lot of shit for this, but could Bremerton be turned into a bigger track size wise and capacity, and all the CNYRP land been used for camping and other stuff? I love Bremerton but could it be the home of SDW, with expansion? I'm not a logistics guy. Thanks for not ripping on me too hard. Lol
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