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  1. Hats off to the staff at Airborne. The weather forecast was unfavorable. Rain was supposed to start around 8. 6 pm start time. Posted to website encouraging fans to get there early. Started show around 5:35-5:40. Sprinkled off and on. But got the show in before any substantial rain came. No intermission. Non-stop racing. It could have been easy to just pull the plug earlier in the day, and not take the hit with the decrease in fans....but they didn't. Sure did help with making a great Father's Day weekend. Thank you Robbie and all the staff at Airborne.
  2. Thank you Jack and Devin for making Airborne your Saturday night track!
  3. Can someone explain to me how a first year track prep crew with little experience to my knowledge is hitting it out of the park at Airborne? Laware blacktop /sealing and construction is doing an impeccable job. The track has been amazing along with all aspects of the show!
  4. How about late models? IMCA mods. Solves the fence issue. I would love to see more at Oswego. I think the Saturday night Fulton show has become less of a big deal for me and a WOO late model race with a win and your in would be a great replacement at Oswego Saturday night. 13 mods at Fulton that Saturday p. If the win and your in was at Oswego, i would think more cars. Haven't really thought it all through logistic wise, but would be cool.
  5. As I find myself inching closer and closer to retirement, I dream of all the tracks that I will be able to go to. The post of "Where to sit at Fonda"? gave me an idea; where are the best places to sit? Although I have been to numerous tracks, I will focus on my home track, Airborne Park Speedway. You can't beat turn 1, as far up as you can get, but further down closest to heading into turn one. The view allows you to see the whole track, which is a rareity at most tracks. I am new to the forum, and maybe this topic has been already visited, but would love to know people's opinions on he best
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