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  1. Just absolutely weird, if it happens again I might contact Flo and see if they can find out where it's coming from. Especially since someone said it happened on another feed. It have me conclude it has to be through Flo. Someone has to be managing all the feeds coming in to their servers.
  2. Well one thing that might have something with him still doing it is Stew loves dirt racing. He also loves challenges, hence his dabbing his toe in Late Models. But also I think he likes being home and racing with his friends and family.
  3. I couldn't figure out why RTJ didn't drop down low when he knew he couldn't get by Moran. He left it wide up for T-Mac, all he had to do was drop down and Timmy wouldn't of had anywhere to. But can't be to upset, always great to have T-Mac in victory lane.
  4. There still isnt a MavTV Plus app on Firestick, I've been watching all the racing on the old Lucas Oil Racing TV app.
  5. So someone actually working at Flosports had music playing and clicked the wrong damn button? Doesn't make sense, the music actually got louder during cautions.
  6. I totally agree, I couldn't believe some dumas was playing music over top of the ceremony honoring "Jumpin" Jack. Let alone playing the music completely through the whole show. Not to mention THE MUSIC SUCKED!!!!! It was like some easy listening 80s crap. It made absolutely no sense. I enjoyed the racing though, unlike others. I don't know, for some reason I just really like Fonda. But the music, OH GAWD THAT DAMN MUSIC!!!!
  7. Keep to something you actually know about like racing. Because you've been watching OAN way to much. They were not ushered in, they through officers down the steps, literally pushed their way in to the Capital, some climbed through the windows they broke. God why do I always fall for this click bait. You and Macho are about the two dumbest morons when it comes to anything outside of racing. I swear you two have no common sense. Your so arrogant and ignorant it's a wonder you two weren't down there yourselves.
  8. Big difference, Minnesota is about a police officer murdering someone. But D.C. was police officer's trying to protect the Capital while a bunch of right wing terrorists attacked them and killed one. While they took selfies of themselves. Because they are to stupid to comprehend THEY LOST.
  9. Don't you have a Government building and Police to attack?
  10. How much did this cost NYS Tax Payers for another luxury for NYC?
  11. OCFS has always been great for the rumor mill. If someone is passing and winning they must be cheating and have a "IN" with the track promoter or the inspectors. But yet others are caught every few weeks for something or other. The cars all get the same inspections, its not always the HEAD Tech that actually does the measuring, its usually one of the others under his direction. And there is usually a good group of all the teams going through inspection there with crew. So you would hear exactly what the inspectors are saying to each other. Yes it doesn't look good for a local crate mechan
  12. Well I know a few tracks that if they get 20% capacity on a Friday or Saturday night they are happy... lol That last 20 or so years OCFS has been lucky to have 20% capacity in the stands on a regular night.
  13. That may be true, but Pro Stocks still always put on the best shows at OCFS. And most fans will agree, because I've had many many discussions sitting in the half covered grand stands for over 40+ years about the best races. Though back in the day when we had 3 classes of Street Stocks that was a little much..
  14. You seem really excited about sheep and condoms. I don't think that's legal in New York either. But Cuomo will probably let the slide just for you.
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