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  1. What is modified about a modified these days? The rules in most classes are very tight, no one designs their own cars anymore. Every car looks exactly like the other doesn't matter who the chassis maker is. I remember a day back when I use to be able to tell the difference of the chassis just by a quick look at the body, and quite a few I had no idea. But that was a great thing, the best part of Syracuse was seeing all the different style cars. I was always excited to see two cars Toby Jr. and Bob McCreadie, they always seemed to have a unique twist to their cars. The first car shows of the ye
  2. Super Mods are really the last of what a true modified should be. There is nothing "modified" about most modified classes anymore.
  3. So Amazon Fire TV will have an app this week? Maybe before Wednesday maybe?
  4. I think the punishments are good. It's not the first time Dominic has had issues on the track a sit down for a week is fine. As for Joey, after that stunt I wouldn't allow him back ever. If I was another promoter at a track he may come to run at, I would let him know he isn't welcome.
  5. There were some good PA guys there as well. I'm almost positive Cozze ran there regularly. 98 East Windsor Speedway - Pone Racing Videos (Speedway Video) - YouTube
  6. If I'm the Stone team, I would sue the kid. This wasn't a racing incident, surprised no one called the cops on the kid.
  7. I kind of disagree, Bobby had a wheel up to Mike's door, and Mike drove right over his front end. I don't think Mike did it on purpose though, but I could see Bobby being upset with him. I think Bobby was more worried about the kid who drove in to him after he got in to the outside wall. They hit hard.
  8. I can see that. I don't know how I missed this incident. Ah well. On with life.
  9. I didn't hear anything about Stew being pissy... This sounds more like a non-issue to me.
  10. I liked how Haudenschild was getting a hell of a bite off the turn 2 wall to pass guys down the back stretch.
  11. Are we talking about Mahaney running over Bobby at the beginning of the feature? I thought Bobby clearly had his tires to Mike's doors. Stew was off all night in the heat and the feature, he got by Rocky for I think a lap but 1 and 2 were just biting him bad and Rocky strolled back on by. Even the best lose. And Stew didn't seem to unhappy after the race.
  12. Again I hate sail panels, but at East Windsor they loved them, and they pulled in some great crowds of people who wanted to see them. The only thing that killed East Windsor was the housing development moving closer and closer. Hey lets buy this land start building houses, and we'll get that race track shut down so it doesn't bother the people living here. At least now there are more Malls closing per year then race tracks.
  13. I think the chassis and body guys already made it ridiculously expensive with all the extra tin they put on the cars the last 30+ years. And made it twice as expensive to replace the tin. It wouldn't take much to replace all that extra body panels with LESS. Teams could go back to punching out their own door and corner panels and save a couple thousands dollars a year. Especially for the sportsman guys who probably go through panels more then the mods do. The whole design of current modified bodies really makes no sense. A real aerodynamic engineer would and has laughed at the style of these c
  14. Didn't Matty D kind of dominate back a few years ago with his small block at Fonda?
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