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  1. How many Pro Stocks did you guys get? OCFS didn't even get 10.
  2. Sheppard didn't have an outstanding start to the season, but he really is making up for it. (Unfortunately for everyone else.) Ryan Godown seems to be the only driver who has been able to keep himself in front of Sheppard, but Matt is only 25pts behind in the STSS South, and he maybe 5th in the Elite Series but only 30pts behind Godown. It pretty much looks like to me that Sheppard is on target to have the SUPER SWEEP of the year if he stays on his current run.
  3. The audio part didn't bother me as much, because I'm not a huge fan of Tim, but he is the voice of OCFS. I didn't have any problem with the video either. Definitely better than the regular crew that does the production at OCFS. The heat races were really good, the feature started out good but every lap it seemed to get worse. At one point you couldn't see turn four or turn one and two. When Creeden got spun I really don't think it was on purpose, I just don't think the other driver could see. At the same time the track settled down to the bottom. I'm sure there was some great racing, but I couldn't see it. At one point I could only see the cars going down the backstretch and from the flagger stand going in to turn one. It reminded me of a big Thunder Mountain.
  4. I can't even see the cars coming off turn four. Wow. It has to be that cess pool water from the infield they use.
  5. Didn't Jack Johnson win a bunch of races with Pontiac cylinder heads? What was the big deal on that?
  6. I could see quite a few Modified drivers saying, "screw that, I'll start 3rd."
  7. Carson Macedo Wins Foot Race, Earns Pole Position At The Front Row Challenge (floracing.com) An actual foot race? Could you imagine some of our modified drivers trying to do this?
  8. I've tend to see more times than not, the guys in the middle of the pack are the ones least likely to bring their cars home in one piece.
  9. I seriously doubt not streaming the event had anything to do with it. People are either going to go or there not. Almost always the people who are streaming are people who couldn't go to the race for some reason. The only time people might stream instead of going is if it's a couple hour drive and there is serious threat of rain. I can't remember a single Rush Hour on DIRT where the stands weren't packed. And if streaming is really an issue, then why does Canandaigua and Oshweken both stream for free?
  10. Thursday at OCFS I'm hoping DTDtv is going to be using their own guys to produce the event. I don't know who the regular team is that produces the races for streaming at OCFS, but they have no idea what they are doing.
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