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  1. Thank you for hanging with us. It was something completely unforeseen and outside of our control, but our team worked very hard to get it resolved as quickly as possible.
  2. What Outlaw said... It's never fun for anyone when things like that happen. We had tested earlier and everything was working as expected, then, at the worst possible time something outside of our control impacted our broadcasts. It wasn't anything intentional on our part. Trust me, it's not fun spending a portion of your Friday night getting called just about every name in the book from all directions by folks while you're trying to figure out what the hell is going on. ---- The good news is that we believe we've identified the culprit and have added another item to ou
  3. There's nothing stopping you from checking out multiple tracks each night on DTD Tv either. You just have to buy a ticket to each show as if you were going to go and sit in the grandstands.
  4. Talk about a busy weekend coming up. We've got 11 broadcasts on DTD Tv spread across two days: I believe this sets a record for our busiest weekend to date. Let's hope mother nature cooperates and we get to see some racing!
  5. I love that a track bumps the purse for a class like the Pro-Stocks and instead promoting the increase as being a good thing for the lower class, the entire thread has been nothing but complaints. And this is coming from a "Fonda" guy. We're supposed to hate the Valley. It speaks volumes to the overall negativity of this forum lately.
  6. If you have a box, all I can really suggest is this: https://dirttrackdigest.tv/watch/roku I don't actually own a Roku, we're an Amazon Fire Stick family.
  7. Are you using a Smart Tv with the Roku app already installed? I've heard of other people having that same problem unfortunately, and so far we haven't found a solution for it. The work around would to just use the web browser on the Tv instead of the Roku app.
  8. We had 5 scheduled broadcasts but Mother Nature rained on all but 1. We'll be live tonight from the Albany Saratoga Speedway tonight at 7pm EST. To purchase your pass to tonight's multi -camera broadcast for $17.99, just click on the image below:
  9. And done... I don't have the time, or desire at this point to go back and read this entire thread to see what's been said, but I can see that Bob told people to cut the shit, and people didn't cut the shit. So now its locked.
  10. And our schedule only gets busier from here. Thanks for watching!
  11. The season is officially in full swing on DTD Tv with 8 events planned over the course of Friday and Saturday night. This week we welcome back both the Can-Am Speedway and Utica Rome Speedway for their season openers, and welcome for the first time ever, the Ransomville Speedway! It's going to be a busy summer on DTD Tv!
  12. Matt locked himself into the championship 8 this past weekend, so he doesn't have to go back to OCFS until "the chase" starts. Once it does, I'm sure that's where he'll be considering the $25,000 winners share. My guess is Matt doesn't commit anywhere on Saturday's. He has the option to run where the money is, or take the night off if he wants to at this point.
  13. Technical difficulties happen to everyone. A lot of times you're at the mercy of the available internet at the track and if there isn't a hard line internet available, lord help you if a cell phone tower goes down. I can promise you none of us want to have technical issues. There is no more helpless feeling then having a technical issue and seeing your social media blow up in seconds when there isn't much you can do to solve the problem.
  14. Yes, part of the agreement from NASCAR does give them control over the streaming/broadcasting rights, but we (DTD Tv) partner with Speed Sport who have those exclusive rights in their deal with NASCAR. All it would be is a bit more paperwork for us. Nothing we couldn't overcome.
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