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  1. The break was caused by the Super Bowl being in Tampa. No need to worry about that happening again because by the time the Super Bowl comes back to Tampa, East Bay will be gone... 😔
  2. Danny Varin has said he's going to be at Weedsport too. Pretty sure they have a 410 in the stable.
  3. The STSS actually broadcasts the draw from the drivers meeting now live on Facebook. They don't even put the chips in a bucket anymore, they're just laid out face down on a cookie sheet that sits in front of the trailer for EVERYONE to see. And for the feature, Jess had Parker draw for her, and Stew had a little girl from the Evans family draw for him. I doubt the STSS officials have a secret code that the 5 year-old kids understand to tell them where to draw when it comes time for Stew and Jess to draw. Can we please stop with all the talk about the draw being rigged. It i
  4. $1,500 to take the green is more than what they pay on the Outlaw tour. Paying those kinds of numbers would push the total purse to a number that would be impossible for the promoters to recover from unless they charged $45 per person at the gate.
  5. Welcome to the twilight zone Bob... Pretty much every topic on here for the past 18 months has devolved into nothing but covid talk. Even after we've shut the forum completely down a few times in an effort to get people to cut it out.
  6. Tonight we have 6 broadcasts scheduled from various tracks across the northeast, and as of 5pm EST all of them are still RACING! Just click on the picture below to head to DTD Tv to purchase any of these events:
  7. As a rule I agree, 4 classes on a week night is tough. The only defense I have is that I think this is their ONLY mid week show for the year so its not as if they are running multi division shows on weeknights all the time. This is their one show, and they want to make sure they give their regulars a shot to race in front of a large crowd, so I get it.
  8. At Ransomville he was in the Wendt's 6. At Cornwall and Brockville he was in the family owned 6.
  9. Seems decent, but if you're going to use a F4-5.6 lens you're going to need a flash at most tracks in the northeast for night time shots. I don't think the Canon 80D is going to let you run a high enough ISO without degrading the picture quality to get away with not having a flash.
  10. This is a complete guess on my part, so take it with a grain of salt but I do have some experience in this area... The issue with the browser could be that its somehow no longer compatible with the encoder settings on the video player that DIRTcar is using to protect their product. Streaming has been around for a long time, and so has pirating. But pirating of these streams has gotten OUT OF CONTROL in the past 12 months and the streaming companies (and promoters) have taken notice and are taking action to try and prevent it. If the provider they are using to stream through cha
  11. Farmers should plant their crops around when this show happens because every year its rained. I'm hoping we can get this one in because I'm looking forward to watching on DTD Tv.
  12. I'm unable to watch DIRTvision on my FireTv stick. It constantly buffers. On other devices like my laptop or iPad, no issues at all. It seems isolated to the FireTv stick. Likely because you have to use a web browser instead of an actual app. I think DIRTcar is working on getting an app for the FireTv stick though to resolve the issue.
  13. This event has been on the DTD Tv radar for the past 3 or 4 years and we have yet to broadcast it. Mother Nature just has it in for this event, not sure why. Hoping the forecast changes for the better because there are some pretty heavy hitters looking to make an appearance.
  14. This one is done. Folks were asked to keep it to racing, and not a single post after that pertained at all to racing...
  15. It's being monitored and if we keep trending down the ole rabbit hole it will go away.
  16. Catch every lap of the PABST Shootout tonight from Can-Am Speedway live on DTD Tv starting at 7pm! Tonight's event features: $3,000 To Win DIRTCar 358 Modifieds $2,400 To Win Empire Super Sprints and $1,500 To Win DIRTcar Sportsman Series Just click on the promo image to purchase your pass:
  17. Night 3 of PA Speedweek from BAPS Motor Speedway is LIVE tonight on our partner site SprintcarUnlimited.Tv! To purchase your pass to this event for $28.99, just click on the image below: There are rumblings that another big name might be there tonight, but nothing is confirmed at this point. Note: You can also access this broadcast on www.DirtTrackDigest.tv if you already have an account there.
  18. Kick off your weekend with a total of 4 events scheduled on DTD Tv Tonight! Action will get underway first at the Albany Saratoga Speedway at 7pm EST followed by the Ransomville Speedway at 7:15pm EST. Then, at 7:30pm EST action is scheduled to get underway at the Utica Rome Speedway followed by Big Diamond Speedway getting underway at 7:45pm EST. To purchase your live video pass to any of these events, just click on the promo image below:
  19. There is no better sound then the 358's banging off the rev chip... lol
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