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  1. After a weather delay @ Kokomo last night, the final IMW show was completed. Chris Windom got the win, finishing IMW with 7 drivers & 7 teams winning in the 8 nights of racing. The 8 races were super competitive. Had a fantastic trip. Can’t wait for IMW 2022.
  2. Putnamville on Thursday had Tanner Thorson winning in a Reinbold 19AZ, making it 6 different winners & 6 different teams. Last night @ Gas City finally had a repeat winner with Michael Kofoid getting the W. Tonight is the final IMW race @ Kokomo.
  3. Last night was USAC’s maiden voyage to Circle City in Indianapolis. Cool place, good racing, would definitely return. 5 races in, 5 winners, after Corey Day gets his first USAC National Midget win last night. Tonight is round 6 @ Putnamville. Always enjoy this joint. Should be a big curb!
  4. Elliott & Jones, yes, they were high profile. Harvick & Hamlin had good success in their respective realms, but weren’t exactly well known. Burton, barely, and that’s because he’s Jeff’s kid. The Busch’s really had no success and weren’t names in the sport prior to having an ARCA/NASCAR career begin. Blaney certainly wasn’t.
  5. My point was, even though USAC drivers over the last 25 years have flooded NASCAR with talent, NE Modified fans are still oblivious. Take the blinders off NY.
  6. Outside of Josh Berry, who is a well known LM driver in the top levels of American racing?
  7. Yet USAC continues to be the number one feeder system into big time American Auto Racing.
  8. USAC/Non-Wing racing has way more household names than NE Modified racing, so if someone isn’t relating to their drivers, they have a severe case of tunnel vision.
  9. Totally agree. I’ll never understand why NYS Modified fans just refuse to venture out of their comfort zone. Especially with Midget racing. There’s this bizarre thought process that Midget racing is like little kids in Microds. No disrespect to kids in racing, it’s very much needed, and very entertaining. I almost feel bad for those folks, because they really don’t know what they’re missing right now in the Midget world.
  10. Both great, but there’s no racing right now more exciting than Midget racing.
  11. Haubstadt is in the books. What a show there!! 4 races, 4 winners. Halfway break now. 4 more to go starting Wednesday @ Circle City.
  12. If you aren’t watching the IMW show from Lawrenceburg on FloRacing tonight, do yourself a favor and watch the replay. Feature is yet to run at this point, but the Heats were worth the drive from Syracuse to IN & the price of admission. No better racing on the planet!!
  13. Another great night of racing last night @ Bloomington. It’s such a cool track. Lawrenceburg tonight for round 3. They’ll be right on the fence!
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