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  1. The track can tech as many or as few cars as they wish. It's at their discretion. 1, 3 or 5 , the choice is theirs. I for the life of me can't figure out what they would have teched. The majority of the tech is done at the scale house when they come off the track. All cars that run at Fonda are either running a big small block or a big block, both have to weigh 2400 lbs. At the same time they check for the correct tire compounds. 99% of the tech is now complete. Maybe they pulled Bobby's hood just to see what he had under the hood for an engine because it's the first time he's been in the top
  2. At one point she also gave Bobby a compliment. As far as the 'beating and banging' comment, maybe he made contact and you just missed it.........one car being singled out in tech is nothing new, it happens constantly.
  3. Absolutely.....He could have repeated that performance in just about any other drivers car out there .
  4. The FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security and Trump's own appointed officials said it was the most secure election in history, with many Republicans saying there was no proof of widespread voter fraud. No more than any other election, and certainly not anywhere near the amount to change the election results. Again, claims by both many Republicans and Democrats. But f**k it, I'll tend to believe some know it all on a racing forum if he says there was " massive" voter fraud.
  5. In racing if someone is 2/10 of a second faster than everyone else, that's considered huge. Most of the race Meier was a full second faster per lap than the best in the business has to offer, not just a regular Saturday night field. In an earlier post I said he pulled out to a half a track lead in 15 laps, but in reality it was probably way less time. With no cautions he would have lapped the field at least once, maybe more. Hard to believe he's cheating. Time and time again I hear drivers say how these cars are overpowered and they send big blocks back to the builder to take power out. Hope
  6. I haven't seen a beating like that in a long time. Very impressive! Passed Friesen and Sheppard with ease and in 15 laps pulled out to a half track lead. Would have lapped the entire field with no cautions.
  7. Just two hard racers going for the same piece of real estate. That still photo doesn't prove much, they've already made contact by that point. Also hard to tell from the video. Looks like good hard racing. Anybody that races much is gonna have that happen.
  8. OMFG.... How many times are you gonna repeat the same shit on here. Have you ever made a mistake??? Grow the f..k up!
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