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  1. I'm pretty sure Chris Moore called most of the Modified race so I'm not sure where Mimi would have wedged in anything bad about Bobby.
  2. Back in the day almost everyone who ran the tour ran Weedsport... lol i wonder why....
  3. Dirtcar did not allow in Mods because of the expense but allow it in Pro Stocks.. That's pretty much how this got started...
  4. Thank You for sharing that with us.. Hope all is good with you and your Family...
  5. and just like that the lights go out and the room gets locked
  6. No .. At this time the only way to see it will be on Flo...
  7. i'm almost positive i was at one of his wins in Canada.. might even have been his last when he was still driving for RC Putman
  8. Someone giving a driver a signal have been around for a long time... we were doing it in the early 80's at Fonda.. The stick think just pushes it to a more obnoxious level...
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