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  1. Canandaigua Wednesday, Knoxville 360 Nationals, USAC Midgets in PA...something for everyone this week! Streaming Calendar - 8.1.21
  2. Indiana Sprint Week continues. Weedsport tonight, SDS at Orange County Thurs, Outlaws Ransomville Fri/Weedsport Sat. Streaming Calendar - 7.25.21
  3. Baumes I see you've replied to this, but here's an email address for others that may not have seen it
  4. Last year's Lernerville race was one of the best of the year (/I'd ever seen)
  5. Thanks, running behind this week and didnt get a chance to check online schedules vs printed ones I have.
  6. Eldora makeup starting right now on DirtVision. Streaming Calendar - 7.18.21
  7. This is a timely reminder, not just for race cars but homes as well. Right before July 4th, the house three down from me had a detached garage completely destroyed in less than five minutes. Made me go check my extinguisher and I also bought 4 fire blankets on Amazon after seeing a video of a lithium ion battery start a garage fire. Mounting one inside my garage, one just inside the basement door, one in the drawer by the grill, and one in my shed. Here's hoping I never have to pull the cord.
  8. SDS at Malta Tuesday. Kings Royal week! Streaming Calendar - 7.11.21
  9. Both Roku and AppleTV.. I guess I was talking more of problems originating trackside (there was a rural track in PA that they couldn't get the All Stars signal out at for a while) so not really related to the device. Just saying that Flo isn't without their flaws (though probably fewer than DV)
  10. Flo has had issues this year, too. Maybe just not for the race you were watching.
  11. Knowing the FireTV issue, I bought a second small RokuTV set (so Roku built in, not the stick). Ironically, I had trouble using the Flo app with it and same with DV. Bought a separate Roku streaming stick for it and have no issues. For my main TVs I use AppleTV and very rarely have an issue, certainly not any buffering issues. If I had to go with anything, I'd suggest AppleTV.
  12. Looks like USAC Quarter Midgets are running at the dirt track at Indy around noon on Flo. I guess they're using part of the frontstretch for it. Streaming Calendar - 7.4.21
  13. There is a wire "loop" buried in the track. I believe it's usually about 8' back from where the finish line is. The transponder in the car is generally mounted in the rear of the car in a standard position so that in theory the car's nose hits the finish line right when the transponder is crossing in the back of the car. That's why you see some people saying that some tracks will measure the positioning in a close finish because if Driver 1's transponder is mounted 6" ahead of where Driver 2's is, Driver 1 will show a win when he may not have won. There used to be some diagrams for mounting i
  14. I've been at a race that was deemed a dead heat that didn't use transponders.
  15. Some rainout shuffling finds the Jackson Nationals finale tonight, and PA SpeedWeek continues. Plus our own local ESS SpeedWeek (was hoping all would be streamed..) but we have Can Am and Canandaigua! Streaming Calendar - 6.27.21
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