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  1. Agree it’s redundant. Started well before this forum. I think Billy Taylor changed asphalt racing with Geoff Bodine & a small block. Then Glenn squashed the big smallblock in DIRT. We were almost at a point that it was BB or the spec small block. Almost! Then Brett comes in and opens the rules again. I’m sure I missed some history,but seems to be the evolution.
  2. They are not running weekly on Fridays. As previously stated that car is going to Fonda tonight & it’s next outing is Utica Rome’s opener. There’s an interview with Doug Elkins on You Tube spelling out his plans for the year.
  3. I work at a retirement home. You guys argue more about what you think you know than a bunch of old biddys playing bingo. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. You’ve got blinders on. Maybe sportsman bring more cars,but the pro stocks put on the show. Sorry to hurt your feelings.
  5. Outlaw is 35 minutes away from me. I’d bet if I go to Selinsgrove 3 hrs away for me I’d still get home earlier.
  6. If the forecast stays the way it is I might just bypass Outlaw for Selinsgrove. Might even catch a feature there on the way home.
  7. Not everyone is on FB. Some choose not to subscribe to AARN. If you choose to rely on this as your only source for information that’s on you.
  8. Has been for years in the southern tier of NY,but no one will admit it.
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