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  1. When the Hayes Bros.and myself built the original Glen Ridge Motorsports Park it was for Karting. I had them make it a Quarter Mile track to make it big, fast and special for karting in the area. Also knowing that by making it a 1'4 mile track that someday we could always race cars on it. After 3 years of karting I talked the Hayes into trying the Stock Car thing. It was considered a Grass Roots Track with Street Stocks the Headline division. We did learn that there was a lot more money in running it as a kart track, averaging 130-140 karts a race night and growing. By today it would have been Big in the Karting World. I then brought in IMCA cars and Prostocks with a couple successful races. Then I started the Budget Sportsman class which worked out well. When I left the Ridge as Promoter / Race Director I talked Bruce Richards at Malta into bringing the class there. The rest is history. He had a 60 car roster the first season. My plans we're to have the Hayes widen the Ridge in time. They made the track as long as it can possibly be. The cell tower and steep hill on the other side put an end to making it longer. Now the Tower on the back of the track keeps from making the track wider in width. There's a lot of room ( an entire hay field) on the back side of the track that could be used. The problem is expense. It cost the Haye Bros. a lot to make the track longer the first time. Unless someone was to buy the track with lots of money I don't see it getting much bigger. That said, I think the Ridge is perfect the way it is. A little challenging short track. Ask Pat Ward how tough it is to race at the Ridge. That little track has had more exciting races on it over the years. It separates the Men from the Boys. The biggest problem is too many tracks in the area. If Malta is ever sold or forced to close, the Ridge is a Goldmine. Then they'll need bleachers around the track like Bristol and bring the Mods back. To this Day I'm proud to say I was on the ground floor of building a little dirt track that has had great drivers race there as well as Tony Stewart. Long Live the Little Track on the Hill.
  2. Did you hand letter it? They didn't have vinyl back in the late model days. ( LOL, Had to bust on ya.) I'd like to see a picture of the car. I was a young kid and used to watch Bill race every week. Loved that car.
  3. I Hope the clowns that ran around Syracuse with the F*ck Cuomo banner don't show up with a F*CK DUNN Banner. You see how much that worked. I'm sure that impressed Cuomo. They showed him. The little bitty racing community will never be able to stop the Town Fathers if they want to stop racing or put stiffer rules into play. With the housing going up in Malta I don't think Malta will be around forever. Just the way shit happens.Back in the 90's we had to run better mufflers and meet a decibel level. I'm thinking that' going to happen again.
  4. It makes me laugh. When Bruce took the dirt off, race fans bitched it sucked and they wanted dirt. Now they have the dirt back and they bitch it's dusty. LOL Conclusion: After being around racing for 50 years, I learned you can never make a race fan happy. Life is Short, There's worst things in this World....Why can't fans ever just enjoy the racing at any track without complaining? .
  5. There was only 10 mods this season. Some we're sportsman cars. SUNDAYS IS THEIR BEST BET. $750 to win a 602 race should draw a field of cars. As much as I love pavement racing, Pavement would be the death of the Ridge. People around here only like racing around potato fields. My thoughts are that when I helped build Glen Ridge from a field and started running kart racing their on a quarter mile ...I should have left it at that and never brought cars in. Originally plans we're to run karts and then we added Slingshots and flat track bikes. We we're going to build a motocross track and I really wanted to build a kart roadcourse on dirt, using part of the oval. Snowmachine racing in the winter was on the thought list too. The owners, the Hayes Brothers and myself can say this...the track made more money running karts than the cars. I was pulling in 120 to 140 karts from up to 5 different States. Might be something to think about and go back to with stock car racing on a downward spiral in the Notheast other than Malta. They run kart events paying up to $50,000 to win. That may the thing to do once or twice a year. Bruce Richards used to do a couple big kart shows a year.
  6. Jeff Trombley will be back at Fonda with the Warren's Auto Body #3a Sprint Car. I was also told he's suppose to be in the Andy Romano 97 car in the Mods.
  7. I don't think race fans will be upset if there isn't a pace car or billboards. I can't personally remember ever waiting 6 months through the winter or traveling to a speedway all excited to see what the pace car looks like and what billboards are up. As far as food. If you don't like it..Eat before you go or bring a bag with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich in.
  8. The Wall is pretty much all fixed. Digger Dan Excavation, Pete and the guys got on it tonight (Monday) and did the repairs.
  9. When I seen the topic I could only think that Miller kicked the crap out of Gasketcase when he caught him peeking in his Daughter, Courtney's windows.
  10. Work is already underway to fix the wall. The Frost caused the wall to heave and fall over. It's basically a jersey type barrier wall. It will be fixed and better than ever. Just need some dry weather and by the looks of it a lot of rain is in the forecast for this coming week.
  11. CD Coville always used to say, if a Promoter would pay him enough that he would get in a box and blow himself up like that. lol
  12. Whelen Tour Modifieds have small bodies, there the best looking modified in my opinion and there's never really any dust. lol Dirt Modifieds are like I always say...Sears Tin Sheds with tires on.
  13. I prefer 3 days at an NHRA track for a National event. Englishtown, NJ or the New Hampshire races are two fun events. Can't beat 11,000 Nitro burning cars and everyone from the drivers to the fans are super friendly. For circle track racing a really good event is the Spring Sizzler weekend at Stafford Speedway. IMO Tour Mods are the most beautiful Modified out there. Other than that a big event at Williams Grove or Eldora is always a good choice. Even the Camping World Nascar Truck Race at Eldora is worth the trip.
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