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  1. So is UR going to have streaming this year?
  2. So maybe I missed the story or news. So is Gary Tomkins racing full time in the car he's in at Bristol?
  3. So I've found out he's racing at Orange County this year Saturday nights on his Facebook page.
  4. I would try Speed51 which is streaming most of the tour at around 10 bucks a month.
  5. Anyone know where he's calling home this year am sure Outlaw is one of them?
  6. I'm talking overall track history, classes of cars isn't really information I was seeking.
  7. So I got to thinking and became very curious,what's the oldest track with most history in Pennsylvania that's still running?
  8. So where is Matt Sheppard calling home this year?
  9. Just saw on Facebook, they are going to Teo from Bicknell.
  10. Since it's still produced by DTD TV,can I still purchase through dtdtv?
  11. I haven't heard or read any where if the Syracuse show is happening this year in March or not?
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