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Hig Fab Adds Great Incentive To Five Mile Pt. Sportsman Class.

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Huge Breaking News for the Five Mile Point Speedway Sportsman Teams....

The top 10 drivers in the final 2014 Five Mile Point Speedway Sportsman point standings will be eligible for a 2015 HFC Chassis at a value of $3,500. This will be in addition to point fund money for the top ten drivers.

A randomly selected driver in the final top ten in points will be drawn on Saturday, August 30th - Season Championship Night at the speedway.

The point champion will have ten pills in the drawing, the second place driver in the points will have nine pills in the drawing and so on. The driver that finishes 10th in the final points will have their name in the drawing bucket 1 time. The randomly selected driver will go home with a 2015 HFC Chassis.


Hig Fab owner Jerry Higbie commented, "Our family has competed in a lot of special events at Five Mile Point Speedway over the years and we love the place."  "We really want to focus our program development on future Modified drivers and there is some real talent in the Sportsman division at Five Mile." 


Jerry Higbie has one career Modified victory at Five Mile Point Speedway on his resume and it is the biggest annual race of the season - the annual Heath Memorial.  This year also marks the 50th running of that race and will pay $5,000 if a weekly FMP Modified driver wins the event in June.

Just another reason to "Make it a point to get to the Point" in 2014!

Thank you to Jerry Higbie from Hig Fab and drivers be sure to call them and let them know you appreciate their support of the Sportsman division at Five Mile Point Speedway.

Hig Fab can be reached at 845-294-0898.



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