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If you haven't had a chance check out the front page, lots of good reads and exclusive material to Dirt Track Digest.  We are trying to add writers and get more unique content on the site besides my own.  Hope you guys enjoy.  I just wanted to bring it to the attention of everyone that just simply comes to the forum.  If you miss it tonight (5/27), just click the recent column tab on top of the front page and you'll see what we have. 


We have stories from Mandee Pauch, Paul Harkenrider, John Douglas, Braden Rouse, Craig Revelle and more.


The front page is updated daily with news/notes and columns.  So again hopefully you are stopping there as well as here.


Thanks again for all of your support of Dirt Track Digest.  Our traffic has been amazing lately and that is because of our loyal followers.  


Mike Mallett

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Thanks for the heads up, as I am one of those that usually comes straight to the forum. One thing though, the link to the main page in the scrolling marquee above really needs to be fixed. It points to a domain that is for sale that I'm guessing could feature well endowed bikini clad women at dirt tracks (dirt rack digest).



Check out the front page for stories from around the tracks at http://www.dirtrackdigest.com

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Fixed the link in the scroll, the one on the top of the forum works correctly.


Thanks for the compliments, just trying to give you folks more original content here on DTD.  We'd love to add more writers if we could.  Anyone interested can drop me an email and we can go from there.

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