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Stewart Friesen to Run Silver Crown at Syracuse

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Being a sprint guy that I am, wanna let ya know that Stewart Friesen (modified guy mostly so it's good for this section :) ) has secured a ride for the USAC Silver Crown race at Super DIRT Week. It's not a piece together deal to fill the field either.

It's a shot to win. He will be teammates to Jerry Coons and run a RPM Enterprises, Fred Gormly owned mount.

Many ESS ties as well, Rob Hart will be crew chief, Tom Bliss team manager and look for Mike Stelter and Doug Emery to be in the pits.

Jerry Coons won the last Silver Crown race at Eldora a few weeks a go.

The return of Toby Jr. and now Stewart...that's pretty cool.
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Thats Danny Downer to you.

But to prove my point if there were multiple threads about Johnny the Jet , Fondas track surface or which night the ridge should run , each thread would have about 100 replies.


By the way I never saw the other thread either.

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425 views and no replies , it just goes to show you that there is no room on this forum for anything positive.
Dean from now on if you do not have anything negative to say , please keep it to yourself.

Go get em Stew.



That was a negative comment.  


Ya Think

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