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2 hours ago, FondaFan16 said:

I don't know that this statement is entirely accurate.  Sure, some will complain, but I think a lot of the top runners welcome the idea of pulling the motor if that's what the tracks want to do. 

When Rocky Warner was winning 602 races across the state he had to stay late more than once to have the motor pulled and dyno'ed but since he knew his stuff was legal he didn't mind.  Did it make for a late night and more work during the week, sure it did... But it also quieted some of the critics who figured he must be cheating because he won so much... 

That's also highly dependent on where you go. I've seen a lot of complaining about whatever tech they are doing for the night being stupid but I'm sure guys like rocky didn't mind hearing their motors are legal. I would welcome more tech at a weekly race level because most of the tracks I've been to just aren't that strict. I watched some tech guys try to park 13 cars for the night after a heat race over their transponder location being wrong by less than an inch but I've also seen people not check the chips all night at a sportsman race. 

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