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Tried looking on the site but didnt find the info. Anyone know what support classes are running with the sds race on 7/19? 

Will be first trip to OCFS for a race and the area in general.  Any must see things? History, food, brewery's, must see sights? Got the whole day. 

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26 minutes ago, Joshua "Jello" Loughnot said:

How far is George Washingtons headquarters from Ocfc? Is it worth visiting?

Way ahead of ya bud, GW house is 30 mins from the track. OCC choppers is 23 mins from the track. both are close enough for a quick visit. 

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On 7/13/2018 at 9:37 PM, Joshua "Jello" Loughnot said:

Not for this trip, but who's got the in at a local golf course? 🏌🏌🏌

Town of Wallkill golf course is nice...


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To the guy that asked about outside drivers coming in. OCFS has posted a whole bunch of drivers that are confirmed for Thursday (and you guys know how much I love lists);

Big Blocks/
3 Billy Pauch Jr
K3 Danny Cronk
4 Billy VanInwegen
4 Andy Bachetti
5 Ryan Godown
6H Max McLaughin
J7 Brendan Finley
8 Rich Scagliotta
8a Rick Laubach
9s Matt Sheppard
10 Richie Eurich
11A Kyle Armstrong
J17 Jeff Heotzler
17J Matt Janiak
17z Brian Krummel
19 Tim Fuller
20 Brett Hearn
21A Peter Britten
21m Bob McGannon
24 Chris Shultz
25 Erick Rudolph
27J Danny Johnson
28F Stan Frankenfield
33 John Lieto
33H Matt Hitchcock
33 1/3 Tommy Meier
35 L.J. Lombardo
43 Jimmy Horton
44 Anthony Perrego
44 Stewart Friesen
48too Dave Rauscher
63 Adam Roberts
88 Joe Falanga
91 Billy Decker
93x Craig Mitchell
96 Jean-Francois Corriveau
97 Jerry Higbie
98H Jimmy Phelps


Small Blocks
5L Danny Creeden
7 Chris Grbac
14 Michael Storms
17H Tom Hindley
17z Brian Krummel
19JR Roger Henion Jr
20B Joey Bonetti
21 Gary Edwards Jr
21H Tim Hindley
24 Joey Brunning
44 Anthony Perrego
44 Stewart Friesen
44x Shane Jablonka
55 Allison Ricci
69 Tyler Boniface
83 Chris Stevens
93x Craig Mitchell
220 John Ferrier
30-06 Kurt Hundeland


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Parking is up at the far end of the fairgrounds (off turns 3 and 4) where the haulers enter, behind the old Vac & Sew place or, as us real old timers call it, the old go kart track. I believe the fair is $1 admission, then the track general admission is $30. Saturday they had a bunch of people directing you where to go and portable lights in the parking area.

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