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21 hours ago, jsw14886 said:

The Palmers are some of the nicest people on earth and they typically don’t venture off the straight and narrow path. I’m surprised to see them hire Jamike. We all make mistakes but the Palmers have historically hired only well polished drivers. 


I have been helping the Palmers for almost 4 years. I was not sure about Jamike, because of his past. After having him pit next to us last year and running the 76 at Malta I think he will surprise a lot of people. He definitely is not who I thought he was. He is a great kid, very thankful and fun to be around. He has a very positive attitude and gives a 100%. Not only as a driver but also when it comes to working on the car. I'm looking forward to him driving for us this year.


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Everyone's always complaining that most driver's never get a break. And that the best teams well only hire guys who could already have any ride they want. Palmers are taking a chance. I think that's great. Never heard of the kid but obviously they know him and they have faith in him. Look at the drivers they have had through the years, all great. Now they are taking a chance on someone who doesn't have a book worth of experience. I say good for them given someone a chance that might not really of ever got it on his own.

We all make stupid mistakes, some worse then others. But if they learn from it and follow the rules set forth for them and take their punishment and prove they deserve a second chance, why shouldn't they? 

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10 hours ago, paulgarrow said:

What day of the week is Glen ridge running in 2021?

I would say that since they are once again DIRT sanctioned they’ll have to run Sundays. If you remember the last time they moved from Sundays to Fridays in the middle of the season their sanctioning was pulled immediately. They’re starting to build a nice little thing up on the hill and I feel that a move to a different night would be a big mistake and yet another step back. I hope that they run at least one modified show this year, so long as fans are allowed.

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