Fuller and Hearn Add Veteran Presence to Billy Whittaker Cars 200 Podium – DTD Exclusive

By T.J. Buffenbarger

While much of the attention was on Mat Williamson after he won the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 for the Super DIRTcar Series at Oswego Speedway on Sunday afternoon two veteran drivers put in resilient performances to end up with podium finishes, Tim Fuller and Brett Hearn.

Fuller and his team had to overcome issues with their radios that caused Fuller to be able to hear his team, but they could not hear him. After Brett Hearn got caught behind a car running out of fuel Fuller snuck by to take second position.

“We thought we picked wrong picking to pit so late and it actually worked out,” said Fuller. “We had more green flag laps in the last 50 laps than we had all race. That worked out well. We had to do some hand signals because we lost radios, and everything just worked out right.”

Hearn’s felt his strategy wasn’t going to work out as well, but due to the number of caution laps ended up working in his favor.

“It feels amazing,” “When we got off on track position when we with our second spot with about 80 laps to go I thought it was another year gone. For us to climb back solidly into the top five and getting third, turning some of the fastest laps at the end of the race was a big comeback for us.”

Fuller was able to handle not having radios was because of the continuity of Fuller’s his race team.

“I have the same spotter, same tire people we do the pit stop races with. Everybody can pretty much run it with just hand signals.”

That communication worked out well enough for Fuller to get by Hearn late in the race.

“Hearn was going pass a car on the outside and once you miss that rubber you are dead meat. That’s what (Hearn) did, he slid out of it. Then I had Perrego lined up perfectly, he was running out of gas, and it worked out perfectly.”

Hearn was pleased with his podium finish after starting the Super DIRTcar Series portion of the week at Oswego by not taking a qualifying lap due to mechanical issues.

“I wasn’t even thinking about that because that was another tough day,” Hearn said about not taking time. “It’s been a tough week fighting through a lot of different stuff. To come back from no time in time trials, start 26th in the heat race and get qualified, and start deep in the field today and get on the podium here is awesome.”