Billy VanInwegen: Last Man Into the 200 – DTD Exclusive

By Bill Foley

OSWEGO, N.Y. (October 13, 2019) — “I guess I’m lucky Fulton rained out,” said 41st Billy Whittaker 200 qualifier Billy VanInwegen as he stood alongside his #4v car this morning.

VanInwegen finished fifth in one of the two last chance races and said, “I was down and out. I didn’t find out until well after an hour after the race that I was in. Most of the guys were gone and it gave me a chance to stew over it. But, we are in.”

Usually the 41st sports goes to the Fulton “Win and Your In” race, but rains forced the postponement of that show thus leaving that final spot up for grabs.

Qualifying for the 200, “Is brutal,” according to VanInwegen, “You can be off even a little bit and we were. We had issues all week. We’ve changed the drive shaft and torque arms. We converted the car to coil over and the guys have worked so hard all week long. They were probably the last guys out of the pits on Thursday and Friday night.

The last chance race wasn’t too kind to him as he had himself a less than perfect car.

VanInwegen explained, “I hit the wall in the third turn and bent a coil spring, had some body damage and radius rods. I could see the car in front of me but couldn’t catch him. Even if I had I really don’t think I could have gotten him.”

He knew that the top four were going to advance the everyone else would go home.

VanInwegen has swapped between running the Empire Super Sprints full schedule and hitting a few races at Orange County with his Modified.

He noted, “I’ve won two Sprint car races and two Modified races this year. I really feel the speed of the Sprint cars helps me slow down in the Mod and at the same time the Mod car control helps me with a Sprint car.”

Looking at the 200 he said, “I just got to go for it, survive and go 200 laps. I want to come home in one piece to be ready for our next race the Eastern States.”