Inman, Delmormier, Mackey and Buff Round Out Friday Night Lights with Sportsman Wins at SDW XLVIII – DTD Exclusive

OSWEGO, N.Y. (October 11, 2019) – To shrink the massive field of over 100 entries, the DIRTcar Sportsman Series held four 15-lap qualifiers. Wins in the qualifiers went to Kyle Inman, Robert Delormier, Chris Mackey, and Andrew Buff.

Kyle Inman got by Moise Page on the opening turn of the first Sportsman qualifier, and survived a rash of early restarts. Once the race got going, Inman drove away from Alan Fink and Connor Cleveland to easily score the win in the first Sportsman qualifier.

“It was really a solid tonight,” Inman said. “We had a disappointing time trial missing the top six, but the car has been fast all week. We’ll be starting where we need to be to seal the deal on Sunday.”

Robert Delormier starts outside pole on Sunday, but started pole in his qualifier. Delormier dominated much of the event, but came under heavy pressure in the final laps from Adam Pierson. However, Delormier was able to keep Pierson at bay to get the victory in the second Sportsman qualifier.

“It was solid, starting up front is always good,” noted Delormier. “We were guaranteed for the feature, so we went out there and tried to stay up front, but if not we would pull in. We stayed out and got the win.”

After Addison Bowman forfeited the pole, Shane Pecore started on the point in the third qualifier. Over a caution-filled event, Pecore was never challenged, as he crossed the line first over Chris Mackey and Jackson Gill. However, Pecore didn’t get any trophy, as a DQ gave Mackey the win.

“That wasn’t the way we wanted to win,” Mackey stated. “Rules are rules, but we’ll take it. We were able to get second on track but now I’m here in victory lane.”

Andrew Buff started up front in the final qualifier, and was only pressured during early restarts. Matt Janczuk was able to stick around in second to be within shouting distance as they caught late traffic, but it was Buff winning over Janczuk and Cole Hentschel.

“Clean air always helps,” said Buff. “Having Janczuk start next to me got me nervous, but we got it done now we got a good starting spot in the feature for Sunday.”

DIRTcar Sportsman Series
Super DIRT Week
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, N.Y.
Friday October 11, 2019

DIRTcar Sportsman Series Quad #1 Finish (15-laps)
1 Kyle Inman
2 Alan Fink
3 Cionnor Cleveland
4 Zach Arqueitte
5 Gabriel Cyr
6 Moise Page
7 David Manchester
8 Brad Rouse
9 James M. Friesen
10 Tom Collins Jr.
11 Billy Clark Jr.
12 Dave Flannigan Jr.
13 Dylan Swinehart’
14 Austin Germinio
15 Fred Proctor
16 Roger Tresidder
17 Remmington Hamm
18 Tucker O’Connor
19 Julien Raymond
20 Derrick McGrew Jr.
21 Robert Gage
22 Corey Cormier
23 Keara Backus
24 Kevin Root
25 Adam Payne

DIRTcar Sportsman Series Quad #2 Finish (15-laps)
1 Robert Delormier
2 Adam Pierson
3 Kevin Chaffee
4 Jason Gray
5 Brianna Ladouceur
6 Mark Yorker
7 Kane Bristol
8 Cedric Gauvreau
9 Alex LaJoie
10 Brandon Carvey
11 Travis Bruno
12 Dalton Rombough
13 Andrew Smith
14 Normand Hamel
15 Ryan MacCartney
16 J.F. Tessier
17 Lonnie Rivers
18 Dale Corbett
19 Jean-Mathew Raymond
20 Bucko Branham
21 J.J. Courcy
22 Jeff Prentice
23 Ryan Dolbear
24 Kaven Poliquin
25 Zach George

DIRTcar Sportsman Series Quad #3 Finish (15-laps)
1 Chris Mackey
2 Jackson Gill
3 Jack Speshock
4 Amy Holland
5 Zach Sobotka
6 Mike Fowler
7 Will Shields
8 Scott Kerwin
9 A.J. Custodi
10 Derek Webb
11 Sam Junkin
12 Michael White
13 Tyler Corcoran
14 John Brown
15 Brandon Gibbons
16 David Boisclair
17 Tyler Murray
18 Joe Gosek
19 Michael Sabia
20 Colby Herzog
21 Robert Bublak
22 Mike Coffey Jr.
23 Ricky Thompson
24 Addison Bowman
DNS Griffen Mansmith
DQ Shane Pecore

DIRTcar Sportsman Series Quad #4 Finish (15-laps)
1 Andrew Buff
2 Matt Janczuk
3 Cole Hentschel
4 A.J. Lloyd
5 Brian Hudson
6 Darryl Nutting
7 Jessica Power
8 Nick Heywood
9 Richard Murtaugh
10 Justin Buff
11 Willy Decker Jr.
12 Bob Henry Jr.
13 Scott Duell
14 JaMike Sowle
15 Chris Corbett
16 John Virgilio
17 Kale Goff
18 Torrey Stoughtenger
19 Thomas Cook
20 Tanner Simmons
21 Tim Devendorf
22 Jason Bruno
23 Griffen Mansmith
24 Henry Desormeau
25 Roddy Watts
26 Jamie Begor
27 Chris Cayea