Perrego Grabs Top Six Starting Spot for the 200 – DTD Exclusive

By Ken Bruce

OSWEGO, N.Y. (October 11, 2019) — Never having turned a lap at the Oswego Speedway before Wednesday, Anthoney Perrego wasn’t quite sure what to expect when he went out for qualifying on Thursday but the “Montgoemery Missle” was fast and when all said and done found himself locked in to the 200 on Sunday with am impressive 5th place starting spot after the completion of time trials.

“We’be been pretty good since Wednesday on in both the big block and the small block,” cited Perrego. “In the big block we ran a pretty good time in practice to give us a good spot for time trials so it kind of gave a good spot to go out and and we latched on to the rubber and we were fortunate to turn a good lap there in time trials.”

Running well at Oswego was pretty familiar to to the Montgomery, NY driver as he thought the track was comparable to his home track of Middletown.

“This track is similar to our home track of Middletown,” explained Perrego. “We learned a lot this year since they changed the surface over and it is comparable to the momentum tracks that we run and it seems to be working out well for us.”

Looking to tonight;s qualifying races, Perrego is confident of his ability to get his small locked into the field as well.

“I think in the small block race we should be okay and we just have to keep our nose clean,” explained Perrego. “We just have to keep our nose clean, they are taking eight cars so we should be okay there and our car was really good and I think we are just as good or better than those guys starting up front so I think we will be able to run right with them.”

For Sunday’s race, Perrego isn’t sure what to expect and with it being his first time competing in the 200 and said the team will just play by ear and see what happens.

“I’m kind of green here being it’s my first Super Dirt Week, so I am not really too knowledgeable on what to expect but I think running Eastern States before will help so we’ll take what we learned from there and apply it to this race and see what we’ve got but t his is a little bit of a different race, not much of a fuel mileage race so maybe we’ll short pit or whatever to get ahead of those guys. This track is pretty cool, the first year they had a little bit of a problem with the track but I’ve come up here on Sunday for the races the last couple of years and there hasn’t been so much of a ripple on the race track. It’s pretty cool to roll out on that race track on Sunday and have it as good as it was.”