Phelps and Williamson Double Up, Sheppard on Rails in Modified Triples 30’s at Super DIRT Week XLVIII – DTD Exclusive


OSWEGO, N.Y. (October 11, 2019) – Jimmy Phelps, Matt Sheppard, and Mat Williamson scored the wins in the Triple 30 qualifiers for the Super DIRTcar Series, as many drivers punched their ticket to the Billy Whittaker Cars 200.

Tim Fuller used the top to get by polesitter Billy Decker at the drop of the green in the first Triple 30, but an early caution didn’t give Fuller a chance to run away and hide. Phelps got by Decker soon after the restart, but Fuller had already driven away from their battle. Fuller was able to open up about two seconds on Phelps before a lap nine caution for Eldon Payne flew.

Using the top, Phelps darted by Fuller and into the lead. In five laps, Phelps opened up a comfortable gap, but Rick Laubach slowed for a caution on lap 14. Mike Mahaney slipped under Fuller for second on the restart, just before another caution at the back of the field. While Mahaney, Fuller, and Decker battled for second, Phelps was driving away.

By lap 23, Phelps’ lead surpassed five seconds. Decker and Fuller continued to trade spots, but lost touch of Mahaney. Through traffic on a rubbered-up track, Mahaney nearly caught Phelps at the end, but it wasn’t enough, as Phelps won over Mahaney, Decker, Fuller, and Max McLaughlin.

“We didn’t unload super fast, but we’ve been working all week,” Phelps said. “We still have a couple big days ahead. We’ll keep tweaking on it. However, we’re in the ballpark and it feels good. With how this summer has been, it’s exciting to run this good in both cars.”

Sheppard led at the start of the second Triple 30, with Anthony Perrego keeping pace with him early on. A quick caution on lap five restacked the field, with Erick Rudolph and Larry Wight lining up behind the top two. Rudolph moved to second on the restart, with Danny Varin drawing a yellow the lap after.

Once some green flag laps finally got in, Sheppard began to pull away from Rudolph, who was also inching away from Perrego. The top three pulled away from Wight and Mike Maresca, but the gaps among the top three began to shrink as the leaders hit traffic. By lap 20, Sheppard was in the thick of it.

On lap 22, Maresca’s fifth place run ended after hooking together and spinning with a lapped car. Another restart soon after hurt Wight the most, sending him out of the top five and Duane Howard into it. After 30 laps, the checkered waived over Sheppard, followed by Rudolph, Perrego, Howard, and Pat Ward.

“We had a good car and starting spot,” noted Sheppard. “We got yellows when we got into traffic, but that’s just how we wanted it to go. Everyone has a lot of ideas how Sunday will go, we just have wait and see.”

Williamson took the lead at the start of the third Triple 30, with Billy Dunn and Tom Sears Jr. slotting in behind. A pair of early cautions kept Williamson in the same area code as the field, but that only helped for so long. By lap 10, Williamson had four seconds on Dunn.

Lapped traffic on a rubbered-up track aided Dunn in closing the gap, just like the first race with Phelps and Mahaney. The gap shrunk to under a second as the field hit traffic, heavy as the lap counter hit 20. Behind them, Sears had a huge gap over Justin Haers, who was fighting off Dave Marcuccilli.

Haers came to a halt from fourth on lap 24, alleviating the leaders of traffic. Williamson ditched Dunn on the restart, pulling out to a full straightaway lead in just a few laps. At the finish, it was Williamson winning over Dunn, Sears, Marcuccilli, and Kenny Tremont.

“It’s pretty unbelievable to sweep both (358 and BB) qualifiers,” said Williamson. “I have great people working on these cars, it just makes my job easy. We’re gonna drink some beer tonight and enjoy it.”

Super DIRTcar Modified Series
Super DIRT Week
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, N.Y.
Friday October 11, 2019

Super DIRTcar Modified Series Triple #1 Finish (30-laps)
1 Jimmy Phelps
2 Mike Mahaney
3 Billy Decker
4 Tim Fuller
5 Max McLaughlin
6 Marc Johnson
7 Demetrios Drellos
8 Tim Sears Jr.
9 Kyle Coffey
10 Jessey Mueller
11 Billy VanInwegen
12 Ryan Watt
13 Jeff Strunk
14 Adam Roberts
15 Rusty Smith
16 Rob Bellinger
17 Billy Whittaker
18 Rich Laubach
19 Mike Guler
20 Bodie Bellinger
21 Steve Bernier
22 Francois Bellemare
23 Daniel Johnson
24 Eldon Payne
25 Jason Occhino

Super DIRTcar Modified Series Triple #2 Finish (30-laps)
1 Matt Sheppard
2 Erick Rudolph
3 Anthony Perrego
4 Duane Howard
5 Pat Ward
6 Larry Wight
7 Ryan Godown
8 Chris Hile
9 Brett Hearn
10 Jimmy Horton
11 Peter Britten
12 Dave Constantino
13 Chad Phelps
14 Gary Lindberg
15 Keith Flach
16 Chris Curtis
17 Dan Humes
18 Brian McDonald
19 Dave Allen
20 Brian Whittemore
21 Roy Bresnahan
22 Alissa Cody
23 Dillon Groover
24 Michael Maresca
25 Gary Edwards
26 David Hebert
27 Danny Varin

Super DIRTcar Modified Series Triple #3 Finish (30-laps)
1 Mat Williamson
2 Billy Dunn
3 Tom Sears Jr.
4 Dave Marcuccilli
5 Kenny Tremont Jr.
6 Ryan Susice
7 Danny Johnson
8 Jack Lehner
9 Gary Tomkins
10 Alan Johnson
11 Louie Jackson
12 Paul St.Sauveur
13 Matt Farnham
14 Greg Atkins
15 Josh Hohenforst
16 C.G. Morey
17 Bobby Hackel IV
18 Aaron Jacobs
19 Brian Swarthout
20 Justin Haers
21 Brian Hitz
22 Marcus Dinkins
23 Mike Stacey
24 Nick Krause
DNS Mario Clair
DNS Francois Bernier