OSWEGO, NY – Nick Stone and Chad Jeseo split the glory in the twin 10-lap qualifying events at Oswego Speedway as the DIRTcar Pro Stocks take on their biggest show of the season.

 After a side-by-side battle in the opening couple laps, Stone took the top spot from Luke Horning. Once out front, Stone began rolling the cushion to perfection, leaving Horning to fend off Rich Crane for second. Horning moved to the top to mirror Stone’s lane, enough to hold Crane at bay. At the end of the first 10-lap heat, it was Stone winning over Horning, Rich Crane, Chuck Dumblewski, and Chris Crane.

“Starting second helped us find the top early,” Stone said. “I’m not sure how much we actually learned here with the track being fast. I think what we had this morning is closer to the track we will have Sunday, tonight was nothing like it with it all gripped up high.”

Jeseo started on pole and did his best to social distance from the field in the second 10-lap affair. With Jeseo motoring always from the pack, Jason Casey was left to fend off the rest for second. A slider by Josh Coonradt just past halfway put Casey back to third, but Jeseo was long gone. At the checkered, it was Jeseo over Coonradt, Casey, Jason Meltz, and Kim Duell. 

“I saw Nick roll the top well, so I figured I might try it too,” Jeseo stated. “Our car was super hooked up. What an awesome facility, the track was super wide with a ton of bite and speed in it. I’m excited for Sunday, hopefully this helps us start better.”


HEAT 1 — 1. 8N-Nick Stone[2]; 2. 2H-Luke Horning[1]; 3. 711-Rich Crane[3]; 4. 7D-Chucky Dumblewski[4]; 5. 69-Chris Crane[5]; 6. 7-Rob Yetman[6]; 7. 178-Steve LaRochelle[12]; 8. 23-Scott Towslee[9]; 9. 2-Pete Stefanski[13]; 10. 6-Shane Playford[10]; 11. 28-Burton Ward[8]; 12. 6C-Brian Carter[7]; 13. 1X-Justin White[11]; 14. 91-Ian Bressette[15]; 15. 09-Shawn Perez[14]; 16. 17-Nick Hilt[16]

HEAT 2 — 1. 25-Chad Jeseo[1]; 2. 70X-Josh Coonradt[3]; 3. 324-Jason Casey[2]; 4. 51-Jason Meltz[4]; 5. 14-Kim Duell[6]; 6. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[13]; 7. 322-Jay Casey[5]; 8. 4-Dean Charbonneau[12]; 9. 54S-Zachary Sorrentino[9]; 10. 75S-Gary Silkey[8]; 11. 56-Jay Fitzgerald[10]; 12. 14J-Johnny Rivers[7]; 13. 413-Tommy Dean[14]; 14. 75-Eli Gilbert[11]; 15. X15-Tyler Bushey[15]