Yetman and Crane Split Twins for DIRTcar Pro Stocks at Super DIRT Week XLVIII – DTD Exclusive

By Bobby Sweeney

OSWEGO, N.Y. (October 11, 2019) – Rob Yetman and Rich Crane split the two 12-lap DIRTcar Pro Stock Series heat races at Oswego, locking into Sunday’s Wilkins RV 50-lap championship. 

In the first event, Luke Horning inherited the pole after the fast-timer on the day, Tony Markou, elected not to run. Horning led early over Yetman, with Yetman holding steady within a couple car-lengths.

Nick Stone rode in third, but came under pressure from Pete Stefanski. As the two battled, they made contact, and Stone went around on the frontstretch on lap nine. A few other cars were involved, and the caution flew. Yetman had a great restart and jumped to the lead, and Horning couldn’t wrestle the lead back away.

After surviving one more restart, it was Yetman winning over Horning, Bruno Cyr, Sid Harmer, and Stephane Lariviere.  Also locking into the feature unofficially were Burton Ward, Jay Casey
and Brandon Gray.

“The restarts were a little hectic,” Yetman said. “We had some contact going into turn one, I didn’t know what that was about. We got a good piece and I hope the track doesn’t change for Sunday so we can make some moves.”

Josh Coonradt started pole in the second qualifier, leading early over Rich Crane. Coonradt didn’t lead for long, pulling to the pits on lap two as he is already locked into the outside pole. This handed the lead to Crane, with Scott Towslee in tow.

Towslee stayed within striking distance of Crane, with a lead fluctuating between one car length and three. However, Towslee couldn’t get the run he needed to get by, as Crane took the win over Towslee, Jason Casey, Kim Duell, and Chuck Dumblewski. Jay Corbin, Steve LaRochelle and Dean Charbonneau joined the top five in locking into the feature unofficially.

“I don’t got much experience in this car, but here we are,” said Crane. “It’s a good confidence booster going into Sunday, 50 laps will be different but hopefully it works out the same.”

DIRTcar Pro Stock Series
Super DIRT Week
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, N.Y.
Friday October 11, 2019

DIRTcar Pro Stock Twin #1 Finish (12-laps)
1. Rob Yetman
2. Luke Horning
3. Bruno Cyr
4. Sid Harmer Jr
5. Stephane Lariviere
6. Burton Ward
7. Jay Casey
8. Brandon Gray
9. Ken Gates
10. Jonathan Levesque
11. Pete Stefanski
12. Russ Marsden
13. Justin Knight
14. Mike White
15. Edward Kotary
16. Ernie Staelens
17. Nick Stone – DNF
18. Jason Melts – DNF
19. Tony Markou – DNS
20. Josh Coonradt – DNS

DIRTcar Pro Stock Twin #2 Finish (12-laps)
1. Chris Crane
2. Scott Towslee
3. Jason Casey
4. Kim Duell
5. Chuck Dumblewski
6. Jay Corbin
7. Steve LaRochelle
8. Dean Charbonneau
9. Ryan Shanahan
10. Rick Duzlak
11. Nick Hilt
12. Travis Welch
13. Hugh Page
14. Pascal Payeur
15. Brian Carter
16. Jay Fitzgerald
17. Dany Vogel – DNF
18. Marc Lalonde – DNF
19. Josh Coonradt – DNF
20. Frank Twing – DNS