Danny Creeden Smokes The Field To Capture Accord Speedway Modifieds

By: Steve Pados, Accord Speedway Media
The 2017 racing season has all of the makings of the summer that was never was as rain, rain and more rain has continuously altered what many families have planned for the so-called summer vacation months. The same can be said for race track promoters as the unpredictable weather has left promoters scrambling for all that can be salvaged. This past Thursday finally saw a break in the weather and placed Promoter Gary Palmer in a total catch-up capacity in order to have the Accord Speedway ready for the Friday night racing action. Palmer accomplished his mission by race time and the seven division show went off without a hitch and produced positive results for some while for others it was back to the shop or garages to attempt to coax more speed out of their race cars. The evening of speed was presented by Williams Lumber. Their website is: www.williamslumber.com  The checkered flag bonus was posted by Dreaming of the Mouse Vacations.
Securing wins at the sixth event of the season were “The DC Express” Danny Creeden as he blistered through the field to capture his first Modified win of the season at Accord. Brandon McGill put on a strong show and held off a group of top talent to go on and capture his first win of the season in the Arkel Motors Sportsman division finale. Garden Stater Rich Mellor worked his magic off of the hub rail to earn his first win of the season in his Woodland Trucking sponsored Sprinter. Emerson Cargain Jr regained his winning form to wire the field in the Upstate Auto Pure Stock feature run.  Tyler Banks led all of the way to capture the National tour win in the Want Ad Digest Junior Slingshot main event. “The Italian Stallion” Vinny Visconti earned a hard fought win in the WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman feature and it was his first victory at Accord in a full size division racer.
Richie Eurich blasted into the lead at the start of the United Pump & Tank Modified main with Scott Ferrier in tow. Eurich gave way to Scott Ferrier after some laps of trading the lead back and forth with the narrowest of margins. Jimmy Wells made some early move to become a player and Danny Creeden came hustling forward in his Smokers Choice Sponsored hot rod. Creeden made the most of the race track as he closed the distance between he and Wells and then set out after Ferrier. Creeden dogged Ferrier for a few laps and found the winning move off of turn four on lap twenty. Once in front, Creeden became the man with a plan as he led the remaining laps although the final laps produced a strong running Jimmy Wells and he closed the distance but it would be Creeden capturing the win with Wells in a runner-up role. Scott Ferrier was third with Jesse Marks and Danny Tyler from 17th position rounding out the top five. Heading up the second five were Brad Rothaupt, Joe Judge, Richard Smith, Brian Malcolm and Anthony Perrego.
The Arkel Motors Sportsman main proved to be another fantastic show.  Brandon McGill outhustled Milton Mann at the start to assume command of the lead but Mann had ideas of his own and began to apply pressure to McGill from all angles of the raceway. At times Mann was able to pull even only to have McGill squeezing a bit more throttle to his racer to remain at the point. After troubles in his heat event relinquished Kyle Rohner to a 20th position start, the former two time track champion blasted forward and by lap seven had moved into the top five.  By the midway point, the race was still a five car battle with McGill, Mann and Rohner now stepping away from the field. With five to go, Mann tried again to unseat McGill but McGill remained a tough hombre and fought off the advances to claim his first win of the season. Mann did a great job as he finally was able to finish a race with a fine runner-up performance. Rohner was third in a stellar drive with Jim Johnson and Tony Kowalchuk completing the top five. Tyler Johnston, Cole Hentschel, Robbie Knipe, Leo Fotopolous and Matt Shultz rounded out the top ten.
The Upstate Auto Pure Stock feature attraction found Emerson Cargain  jump out front with a great start and although the field remained close it would be Cargain leading all laps on his way to his first victory at the speedway in a few seasons. John Hechinger was second with Chris Kanuk in an excellent run grabbing third place. Travis Brockner, Steve Williams, Ray Tarantino, Allen Tarantino, Harry Bachman and Tanner Granacker completed the field.
Eric Jennings led the first two laps of the  WRWD Radio NEWS Sprint Car finale but a slick running Rich Mellor slipped past him with an excellent move off of the baseline to take over the lead. As they raced back into turns one and two Jennings had climbed to the top of the speedway in an attempt to grab the lead but got sideways and ripped the tail tank off of his sprinter. On the restart, Mellor got a challenge from Heidi Hedin but Mellor turned up the wick and raced to his first win of the season. Jeremy Quick raced hard and grabbed up second late in the race with Heidi Hedin third, Larry Ricci and Larry McVay following. .
Vinny Visconti led the first two laps of the WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman main but was overtaken by Ryan McCartney on a restart. McCartney would lead for three laps until Visconti would grab the lead back on a restart in lap six. A couple of laps later McCartney and Jake Granacker were seeking the same piece of real estate and got together. On the restart, Visconti was still in command but now would be pressured by Hunter Lapp. Lap twelve found McCartney hard into the Redi Rock wall. On the final restart Visconti held on and captured his win ever in the full size division race cars. Lapp was second in a great run for him, Jimmy Devitt was third, George Begg fourth and Jared Miller fifth. John Miller, Michael Corbin, Jake Granacker, RJ Daley and Tanner Johnson rounded out the top ten.
The National Tour for the Want Ad Digest Junior Slingshot main event found Tyler Banks hustling his JCO Environmental Services hot rod to the front from his outside pole start. Banks pulled away from the field and built up a good lead until young Brock Pinkerous became involved in a losing battle with the second turn boiler plated and getting upside down. Pinkerous was unhurt in the incident. On the restart, it was still Banks at the point but Jake Mason, who was on a five feature win streak at Accord, came a calling. Mason tried everything he had to unseat Banks and even ran side by side on a couple of laps but it would be Tyler Banks earning his first win at Accord and on the National Tour circuit. Mason was a solid second with Tanner VanDoren third, Tyler Ulsh fourth, Shelby McLaughlin fifth and Adam Buchel sixth. Nico Flammer has been a strong runner all season but as he made a bid in his heat event, something went amiss with his racer and withdrew for the evening. 
Racing began later than normal as Promoter Gary Palmer put in a ton of extra hours to have the track ready and racy for the evening’s events. He accomplished his mission as the track saw four channels of racing taking place and some dared to go five wide. Unfortunately, lightning struck the lap counter during the week and was rendered unusable for the evening.
Heat races were run off quickly and  Rich Mellor captured the lone heat for the sprinters. Tanner VanDoren and Tyler Banks captured the Junior Slingshot heats. Rookie heats were claimed by Vinny Visconti and Tanner Johnson. The lone Pure Stock heat was captured by John Hechinger. Sportsman heats went to Leo Fotopolous, Tony Kowalchuk and Robbie Knipe. Modified heats found Danny Creeden, Richie Eurich and Brian Malcolm capturing wins.
Mike Traver returned to action in the Sportsman. Allan Tarantino returned to action in the Pure Stocks. Junior Slingshot drivers included Nico Flammer, Tyler Ulsh, Tanner VanDoren, Adam Buchel, Shelby McLaughlin and Kyle Swart.       
The fine folks at Williams Lumber brought out one of their trucks to pace the Modified feature and Sue and Gleason headed up the contingent of Williams folks enjoying the races. They brought along T-shirts, carry bags and hats that were handed out to the feature event winners while Miss Accord Speedway, Michelle Campbell offered shirt and hats out to the crowd.
Grandma Ann’s Pies were also handed out to all of the feature winners.
United Pump & Tank Modifieds: Danny Creeden, Jimmy Wells, Scott Ferrier, Jesse Marks, Danny Tyler, Brad Rothaupt, Joe Judge, Richard Smith, Brian Malcolm, Anthony Perrego, Richie Eurich, Ken Ferrier, Brian Krummel, Mark Pullen, Tyler Treacy, Chad Loiodice, Kyle VanDuser, Kevin Ward, Ed Dachenhausen
Arkel Motors Sportsman: Brandon McGill, Milton Mann, Kyle Rohner, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Kowalchuk, Tyler Johnston, Cole Hentschel, Robbie Knipe, Leo Fotopolous, Matt Shultz, Austin Smith, Dave Demorest, Jim Kraus, Michael Traver, Shane Henion, Mike DuBois, Ralph Ronk, Nick Plumstead, Corey Cormier, Chris VanDuser
WRWD Radio NEWS Sprint Cars: Rich Mellor, Jeremy Quick, Heidi Hedin, Larry Ricci, Larry McVay, Eric Jennings, Brandon Gates
Upstate Auto Pure Stocks: Emerson Cargain, John Hechinger, Chris Kanuk, Travis Brockner, Steve Williams, Ray Tarantino, Alan Tarantino, Harry Bachman, Tanner Granacker
WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman: Vinny Visconti, Hunter Lapp, Jimmy Devitt, George Begg, Jared Miller, John Miller, Michael Corbin, Jake Granacker, RJ Daley, Tanner Johnson, Ryan McCartney, Fred Smith, Jeff Higham, Stan Vishinski, Brandon Daley, Mike DuBois Jr
Want Ad Digest Junior Slingshots: (Tour Event) Tyler Banks, Jake Mason, Tanner VanDoren, Tyler Ulsh, Shelby McLaughlin, Adam Buchel, Brock Pinkerous, Kyle Swart, Nico Flammer (DNS)