Dan Creeden Recaps Week One – DTD EXCLUSIVE

Ryan Hill / 4WIDE – “The DC Express” Dan Creeden made his first regular season stops of the ‘18 season Friday at Accord Speedway , Saturday at Orange County Fair Speedway and Sunday at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Dan checks in to recap his start to the season.


Accord Speedway 2nd place –

“Friday Night was pretty good. We were just a tick off and got beat on a restart but I am glad we were able to hang on for a 2nd to get the points off to a good start.  We have a couple things we can improve upon, but all in all it was a good night. We are glad to bring the 5L homein one piece.”


Orange Country Fair Speedway 10th place –

“Saturday Night we were in Bill Pascaul’s TEO. We had an MSD issue in the heat race so that set us behind a little bit, but he car was good in the feature.  We started 17th in the feature and raced to 10th. It was a good night all around and always a pleasure to race with Bill.”


Five Mile Point Speedway-

“Sunday Night we gained a ton thanks to help from Matt Hearn. We weren’t that good in the heat race and he helped us gain a lot in the feature.  Unfortunately, the last lap incident didn’t go our way. We will take it though.


I think we gained a good amount of knowledge being that we are starting all over again with TEO. I am pleased with results of the weekend.  Thanks again to Chad Loiodice Bill Pascual Bill Regan and Roger Humeston as well as a of our crew and sponsors.”


This week Dan will be in the  5L at Accord on Friday, the 16x Saturday at Five Mile and tentatively Sunday at Spirit Auto Speedway/ Bridgeport.