A Look Back At Accord Speedway’s King Of The Catskills Events


ACCORD, NY – The always popular King of the Catskills event at the Accord Speedway will be a great way for the Insinger Fuels Modifieds to cap off a solid year of racing events in the Catskill Mountains as the speedway prepares for it’s biggest Modified event of the season. Some of the big names in the Northeastern Modified ranks are set to converge on the tiny village of Accord, New York this coming Saturday night, September 29th to go head to head in a sixty lap battle royal and be named King of the event and along with it a big $5,000.00 payday offered up by Accord Speedway Promoters Gary and Donna Palmer. The expected huge crowd will have the opportunity to witness many of their favorite stars in action on the always pristine, semi-banked and very racy quarter mile speedplant as four divisions of racing have been selected to work their special magic out on the raceway. As always, the hard working Accord Promoter Gary Palmer has been feverishly at task to attend to his duties to give the the talented combatants a moist and tacky track surface they can race from wall to wall throughout the evening. The event is sponsored by Insinger Performance and Sunoco Race Fuels located in Dushore, Pennsylvania.

The evening of speed will bring out the Insinger Fuels sponsored ground pounding mighty modifieds in a sixty lap excursion as the hometown aces of the Accord Speedway will defend their home turf against the anticipated invaders of the Northeastern Modified world. The evening will bring in the King of the Catskills 60 lap event Modified event that will pay $5,000.00 to the first driver under the checkered flag at the end of 60 laps of the hard driving excitement. The Accord Speedway offers up some great in-house driving talent as the newly crowned modified track champion, “The Montgomery Missile” Anthony Perrego will be out to defend his turf as the 2018 speedway champion. Anthony enjoyed a great season in 2018 with three wins behind the wheel of the potent Superior Remodeling owned hot rod. Perrego, who earned his second modified title with the initial title coming in 2016, has been unbelievable in his treks up and down the Eastern Seaboard in 2018 with close to twenty wins on his racing resume.

The supporting cast at the speedway is diverse and solid with a mix of veteran campaigners to go along with the new breed of stars that has transitioned into the modified ranks in recent years. Heading up the veteran talent is “Iron” Mike Ricci, who scored the initial win in the King of the Catskills back in 2005 and won again in 2014. Ricci was leading the 2018 points until the last few weeks of the season when a series of malfunctions cancelled his efforts to earn another track title. His brother Rich is “The Chairman of the Board” at Accord with eleven track titles on his racing resume and four KOTC wins to his credit. Although held win-less in 2018, he enjoyed many great runs during the season and is always poised and ready to pull off another big win. The defending winner of the event, “Showtime” Danny Tyler took some time off of his racing efforts in 2018, but make no mistake about it Tyler can win from any angle of the speedway with his all out style style of driving. The 2011 winner of the event, “The Wild Child” Andy Bachetti captured one win early in 2018 at Accord as an invader and then returned to the fold as an Accord regular and captured three additional wins to claim the honors to be the driver with the most wins at the speedway in 2018. Bachetti brings a realm of racing excitement to any speedway where he competes.

The Modified roster at Accord is diverse with lots of talent throughout the ranks with names such as the “DC Express” Danny Creeden who enjoyed one win at the speedway in 2018 and is heading into Accord coming off a big win over the weekend at another speedway. Another multiple winner at Accord in 2018 was “Jammin” Jimmy Wells as he was able to stamp his tag on three wins during the season in his Upstate Auto wagon. Wells has reached start status at Accord with his always on the gas racing credentials. Another former winner of the event, “The Statesman” Jerry Higbie, captured one win at the speedway in 2018 and is always a threat at Accord no matter what race car he is steering.

Additional winners at Accord in 2018 include, “The Concrete Kid” Kyle VanDuser, “The Rhinebeck Rocket” Brad Rothaupt, “The KF Flyer” Kenny Ferrier and “Primetime” Scott Ferrier. Adding to the solid roster of talent includes, “The Marksman” Jesse Marks, “Double J” Joe Judge, “Little” Richard Smith, “Tommy Gun” Tommy Johnson, Nick Johnson, “The Lightning Bolt” Rich Ricci III, “Fast” Eddie Burgess, Alyssa Cody and Mark Pullen. Recent weeks have found “The Legend” Richie Eurich back in action and New Jersey’s Steve Davis, who in limited appearances, scored a runner-up finish and is coming a third place finish at another speedway over the weekend. Ray See Jr has also returned to competition and another driver who impressed in just a few starts is “The Twister” Tyler Boniface in his Halmar sponsored ride. “Kid Lightning” Michael Storms has put in a couple of runs at Accord during the season as has “The Dirt Diva” Allison Ricci in another Halmar sponsored racer. Many others will be showcased as they do their best to earn their way into the starting feature line-up and looking for the $5,000.00 pot of gold in the WRWD Radio Victory Lane.

Billy Liggan from Liggan Insurance Agency and the guru of the famous “Grandma Ann’s” pies in the WRWD Radio Victory Lane, has added an incentive for the ladies taking part in the King of the Catskills event. Billy is adding $200.00 for the first lady in the Modified division across the line. He has also added $150.00 for the first lady across the line in the Sportsman division, $50.00 for the first lady in the Fireballers and $75.00 for the Enduro ladies. Additional information regarding the “King of the Catskills” spectacular will be forthcoming as the days click off leading up the September 29th race date. Make your plans now for what will be a great outing in the rolling hills of Ulster County. A follow-up press release will focus on the three additional divisions headlining the King of the Catskills spectacular.

The King of the Catskills will take place on a Saturday night on September 29th. Insinger Fuels Modifieds will race for $5,000.00 to win the 60 lap event with $300.00 to take the green based on a 25 entry car count. With the assistance from Yannone Enterprises and Superior Landscaping, the 602 Crate Sportsman will now race for $2,500.00 to win for 30 laps and based on a 25 car minimum. The Fireballers will race for $500.00 based on a 20 car entry and the Enduro cars will vie for $750.00 based on a 50 car entry. Pit Gates will open at 3:30 and spectator gates will open at 4 PM. Hot laps will begin at 6 PM. Tickets are on sale now and Spectator Pricing is Adults $24.00, Seniors $22.00, Kids $5.00: Outdoor Reserved seating is $26.00 and Indoor reserved sating is $30.00. The Family Four Pack is priced at $68.00. For more information, go to the speedway website at: www.accordspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at: 845-626-3478

A look back over the years at the prestigious event have shown a dominance of Accord regulars in being able to more than hold their own against the outside invaders. The event began in 2005 and has shown a great history of tremendous battles between both outside competition and the track regulars. “Showtime” Danny Tyler is the defending champion of the event and the following results range from 2015 to 2007, showing the many great names that have been victorious or have enjoyed great runs at the “Gem in the Catskills” facility.

History of the King of the Catskills

2017- King of the Catskills Modifieds: (60 laps $5,000.00) Danny Tyler, Danny Creeden, Scott Ferrier, Jerry Higbie, Kevin Ward, Brian Malcolm, Andy Bachetti, Joe Judge, Richard Smith, Ed Dachenhausen, Kurt Hundeland, Kyle VanDuser, David Hunt, Robe Rowe, Joey Bruning, Ken Ferrier, Jimmy Wells, Corey Lowitt, Brad Rothaupt, Joey Falanga, Jeff Richardson, Mike Ricci, Anthony Perrego, Richie Eurich

2016- Kings of the Catskills Modified: 1. Rich Ricci Jr.; 2. Jimmy Horton; 3. Mike Ricci; 4. Jeff Strunk; 5. Tommy Meier; 6. Brian Krummell; 7. Andy Bachetti; 8. Nick Rochinski; 9. Donnie Elliott; 10. Danny Tyler; 11. Scott Ferrier; 12. Jesse Marks; 13. Nick Petrilak; 14. Rob Rowe; 15. Brian Malcolm; 16. Ed Dachenhausen; 17. Rich Eurich; 18. Joey Grammes; 19. Dan Creeden; 20. Anthony Perrego; 21. Jimmy Wells; 22. Bobby Trapper Jr.; 23. Mike Colsten; 24. Mike Kolka. Did not qualify – Bob Hentschel; Bob Trapper; Brad Rothaupt; Brad Szulewski; Brett Graham; Chris Shultz; Chuck McKee; Corey Lowitt; Danny Kronk; Eddie Burgess; Joe Judge; Ken Ferrier; Kurt Hundeland; Mike Butler; Ray See Jr.; Richard Smith.

2015- King of the Catskills Modifieds: Jeff Strunk, Jeff Heotzler Sr, Scott Ferrier, Mike Mahaney, Danny Johnson, Andy Bachetti, Richard Smith, Joe Judge, Craig Mitchell, Robbie Green, Corey Lowitt, Nick Rochinski, Jimmy Wells, Dave Hinsch, Danny Creeden, Anthony Perrego, Matt Janiak, Tommy Meier, Danny Tyler, Shaun Walker, Dan Humes, Tim Hindley, Chuck McKee, Mike Ricci

2014- King of the Catskills Modifieds: Mike Ricci, Jackie Brown, Rich Ricci, Jeff Strunk, Danny Creeden, Tommy Meier, Danny Tyler, Chuck McKee, Jeff Heotzler Sr, John Ferrier, Nick Rochinski, Richie Eurich, Ray Jashembowski, Mike Mahaney, Tommy Johnson, Scott Ferrier, Andy Bachetti, Brett Hearn, Bobby Hentschel, Mike DuBois, Jeff Heotzler Jr, Anthony Perrego, Chris Shultz, Richard Smith, Darrell Ford

2013- King of the Catskills Modifieds: Jackie Brown, Danny Johnson, Anthony Perrego, Matt Sheppard, Tommy Meier, Jerry Higbie, Kenny Tremont, Andy Bachetti, Danny Creeden, Stewart Friesen, Brett Hearn, Jeff Heotzler Sr, Chuck McKee, Mike Mahaney, Bobby Varin, Brett Haas, Mel Schrufer, Mike Sabia, Keith Flach, Kevin Bates, Mike Ricci, Jeff Strunk, Pat Ward, Dave Hinsch, Rick Laubach, Bob Hentschel, Elmo Reckner, Danny Tyler, Craig Mitchell, Richie Eurich

2012- King of the Catskills: Brett Hearn, Danny Johnson, Duane Howard, Jerry Higbie, Pat Ward, Kevin Duryea, Mel Schrufer, Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Godown, Jeff Heotzler, Jackie Brown, Justin Holland, Butch Tittle, Stewart Friesen, Mike Mahaney, Danny Creeden, Jim Davis, Chuck McKee, Mike Ruggiero, Danny Tyler, Doug Manmiller, Mike Ricci, Bobby Varin, David Hunt

2011- King of the Catskills Modifieds: Andy Bachetti, Bobby Varin, Duane Howard, Jeff Heotzler, Brett Hearn, Jeff Strunk, Justin Holland, Mike Ricci, Butch Tittle, Pat Ward, Richard Smith, Michael Storms, Danny Tyler, Mel Schrufer, Mike Mahaney, Jeremy Quick, Danny Creeden, Danny Johnson, Rick Holsten, Billy Decker, Wade Hendrickson, Stewart Friesen, David Hunt, Ryan Watt, Jerry Higbie, Shaun Walker

2010- King of the Catskills Modifieds: Danny Johnson, Andy Bachetti, Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Mike Ricci, Brett Hearn, Pat Ward, Meme DeSantis, Bobby Varin, Duane Howard, Robbie Green, Jamie Yannone, Doug Manmiller, Sean Gunther, Craig Mitchell, Shaun Walker, John Willman, Rick Laubach, Dom Roselli, Bobby Trapper, Mel Schrufer, Brian Weaver, Neil Harris, Rick Mill, Frank Cozze, Jerry Higbie, Greg Hastie, Jeff Heotzler, Ronnie Johnson

2009- King of the Catskills Modifieds: Jerry Higbie, Andy Bachetti, Mike Ricci, Mike Colsten, Pat Ward, Greg Hastie, Chuck McKee, Kevin Duryea, Danny Johnson, Billy Pauch, Stewart Friesen, Jamie Yannone, Brian Weaver, Clinton Mills, Brett Hearn, John Lutes Jr, Russ Zimmerman, Jeff Richardson, Vinny DeCicco, Rick Mill, Bobby Trapper, Brian Malcolm, Brent Boyer, Jeremy Markle, Danny Creeden, Shaun Walker, Ricky Yetter, Mark Pullen, Howard Jarvis

2008-King of the Catskills: Rich Ricci Jr, Brett Hearn, Danny Tyler, Chuck McKee, Billy Van Pelt, Pat Ward, Keith Hoffman, Jimmy Johnson, Andy Bachetti, Jackie Brown Jr, Mike Ricci, Richie Eurich, Stewart Friesen, Jerry Higbie, Joey Grammes, Jeff Heotzler, Kevin Duryea, John McGill, Scott Ferrier, Tom Hindley, Ricky Yetter, Mike Colsten, Danny Johnson, Bobby Trapper, Jeff Rudalavage, Alan Rudalavage, Brian Weaver

2007- King of the Catskills: Rich Ricci Jr, Mike Ricci, Danny Johnson, Jackie Brown Jr, Danny Tyler, Robbie Green, Donnie Elliott, Jamie Yannone, Rick Mill, Scott Ferrier, Joey Grammes, John McGill, Joe Barbagallo Jr, Mark Pullen, Danny Creeden, Brian Weaver, Jerry Higbie, David Bush, Brett Hearn, Andy Bachetti, Richie Eurich, Alan Rudalavage, Jeremy Smith, Mel Schrufer

2006- King of the Catskills: Rich Ricci Jr, Tom Hindley, Jerry Higbie, Andy Bachetti, Dave Camara, Brian Malcolm, Jason Hamilton, John McGill, Rick Mill, Tom McGurrin, Hank Goranson, Mark Pullen, Chris Johnson, Joe Barbagallo Jr., Jackie Brown Jr., Ernie Palmer Jr., Jeff Heotzler, Larry Badaracco, Dom Roselli, Ryan Stortini, Mel Schrufer, Vinnie DeCicco, Barry Davis, Jim Winchell.

2005- King of the Catskills: Mike Ricci, Jackie Brown Jr., Rich Ricci Jr., Craig Mitchell, Jason Hamilton, Joe Barbagallo Jr., Marc Johnson, Barry Davis, John McGill, Scott Ferrier, Mike Tholin, Stan Lemiesz, Jack Gentile, Robbie Green, Ed Strada Jr., Larry Hendershot, Mark Pullen, Rick Raisner, Tom Mayberry, Darren McCaughey.

For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Accord Speedway, log on to their very well documented website at: http://www.accordspeedway.com or call the speedway hotline at: 845 626 3478.