Ricci and Yankwoski Split Modified Mains at Accord

ACCORD, NY – Upstate Auto and the Palmer family kicked off the weekend with perfect weather and great racing at the Accord Speedway!!!!!

Friday the 13th with a full moon… add double features in all divisions – THAT makes a great night of racing! The young gun, Alex Yankowski picked up his first modified victory in the held over O’Connor & Partners main event! The veteran Rich Ricci Jr. picked up the Upstate Auto victory in the second  modified feature in front of another huge crowd!

The Arkel Motors Modifieds started their first 30 lap feature with the 406III of Rich Ricci III and the b17 of Jesse Marks on the front row. The 97 of Danny Tyler started in the eighth spot, but was on fire and quickly made his move to the front. A battle of the Ricci brothers was heating up as the 406 of Rich Ricci Jr. had carburetor issues and Mike Ricci in the 17 got by. Danny Tyler now in the lead and was looking to get another win, but the youngster in the 84 was moving up in a hurry. Alex Yankowski was super smooth and fast, finally catching Tyler for the lead. A few restarts got them side by side and Yankowski grabbed the lead and went on to pick up the win! Danny Tyler will finish second with Andy Bachetti, Jimmy Wells, and Jesse Marks rounding out the top five.

The second Upstate Auto 30 lap feature had the 54 of Nick John and the 406III of Rich Ricci III on the front row bringing the field to the green flag. Definitely a full moon over the track as cautions would fill the first portion of the feature. Many of the top points drivers were able to negotiate their way through and Rich Ricci Jr. was able to get the lead first. Carburetor issues  were resolved and he was fast! Points leader, Jimmy Wells was second and trying all his tricks to get by, but Ricci was too fast. Andy Bachetti finally caught Wells and that allowed Rich Ricci Jr. to pull away. At the end it was Rich Ricci Jr. picking up his second win in 2019 over Andy Bachetti. Jimmy Wells will finish third over Dan Creeden and Alex Yankowski. 

The Mid-Hudson Concrete Sportsman Feature had the 5 of Charles Loiodice and 38 of Kevin Stevens on the front row for the start as Loiodice would jump out to the early race lead. Stevens had his hands full battling with Senecal before grabbing the second spot. Matt Shultz caught the lead group with Travis Green following. Stevens finally grabbed the lead as Shultz, Loiodice, and Green battled for position. Points leader Tyler Johnston was on a move to the front as time ran out finishing in the second spot .Kevin Stevens picked up the win over, Johnston, Loiodice, Green, and Shultz.

The Upstate Auto feature had the 5 of Charles Loiodice and the 26 of Mike Senecal on the front. Loiodice would hold the number one spot as Daniel Morgiewicz Travis Green and Lem Atkins battled hard for positions. Again the points leader, Tyler Johnston was making his way to the front. This time he had just enough time to steal the lead and win the race. Charles Loiodice will finish second over Green, Morgiewicz, and Senecal to round out the top five

WRWD Country 107.3 Rookie Sportsman Feature Cody Higbie has found his calling as he picked up both feature event wins! Held over feature had the 414 of Patrick Dempsey in second over Tyler Banks in third. Second feature had Corey wood in second over Tyler Banks finishing third again.

WRWD Country 107.3 NEWS Wingless Sprints Feature had the 91 of Mick D’Agostino and the 3 of Jeremy Quick on the front. The fierce points battle is going down to the end as Jeremy Quick picked up another win over D’Agostino, Kyzer, and Malley.

Upstate Auto Pure Stock Feature had the 171 of Walt Henry pick up another big victory. Henry has been on a tear in 2019 as he won this battle over John Hechinger finishing in second.

Dan’s Towing Fireball 4 Cylinder Feature would see another huge field of cars on hand again as the 11 of Kyle Smith and 22 of George Barringer took the field to the green flag. At the finish it was Barringer taking the checkers over Mike Travis and Dave Donovan.

Special Thanks to the great folks at O’Connor and Partners as we were able to finish their held over main events and Marty Dibble of Upstate Auto for presenting the nights events and their long-time support!

Also, special thanks to Gary and Donna Palmer for presenting another fantastic show at the Accord Action Track!

This coming Friday, September 20th, Taylor Rental will be presenting the nights program as it is our final night of points in all divisions!

Also our Great Crate Race will be held on October 5th! $5000 to win for the 602 crate sportsman division! A must see event!

Full Results – 

Arkel Motors Modifieds – (race 1) Alex Yankowski, Danny Tyler, Andy Bachetti, Jimmy Wells, Jesse Marks, Randy Green, Mike Ricci, Corey Lowitt, Joe Judge, Rich Ricci Jr, Brad Rothaupt, Kevin Ward, Jim Maher, Leo Fotopoulos, Tommy Johnson, Nick Johnson, Brandon Daley, Rich Ricci III, Mark Pullen, Mike McClinton

(race 2) Rich Ricci Jr, Andy Bachetti, Jimmy Wells, Dan Creeden, Alex Yankowski, Nick Johnson, Rich Ricci III, Rich Coons, Jesse Marks, Ken Boniface Jr, Joe Judge, Scott Ferrier, Rich Eurich, Mike Ricci, Mark Pullen, Brad Rothaupt, Jim Maher, Brandon Daley, Corey Lowitt, Kevin Krom, Danny Tyler, Leo Fotopoulos, Tommy Johnson, Mike McClinton

Mid-Hudson Concrete Sportsman – (race 1) Kevin Stevens, Tyler Johnston, Charles Loiodice, Travis Green, Matt Shultz, Milton Mann, Harry Baldwin, Daniel Morgiewicz, Mike Senecal, Steve Williams, Johnny Kendall, Lem Atkins, Pat Mann, Jim Winchell, Scott Zehnacker

(race 2)Tyler Johnston, Charles Loiodice, Travis Green, Daniel Morgiewicz, Mike Senecal, Lem Atkins, Sammy Martz Jr, Ken Ferrier, Steve Williams, Scott Zehnacker, Jim Winchell, Pat Mann, Jason Feinberg, Milton Mann, Ryan Stortini, Jamie Yannone, Harry Baldwin, Kevin Stevens, Matt Shultz

WRWD Country 107.3 Wingless Sprints – Jeremy Quick, Mick D’Agostino, Steve Kyzer, Dan Malley

WRWD Country 107.3 Rookie Sportsman –(race 1) Cody Higbie, Dempsey, Banks, Armstrong, Cook, Smith, Giuliano, Knoth, Paulison, Wood, Fiske

(race 2) Cody Higbie, Wood, Banks, Armstrong, Fiske, Knoth, Paulison, Dempsey, Doty, Giuliano

Upstate Auto Pure Stocks – Walt Henry, John Hechinger, Taylor, Clark, Smalley, Tarantino, Kanuk, Ackerly

Dan’s Towing Fireball 4cyl – George Barringer, Travis, Donovan, Phillips, Dyer, King, Bendell, Norman, Conklin, Zecchino, Nelson, Williams, DeGrote, Heady, Smith, Maloney, Ken Barringer, DeGroat, Kingeter, DeGraw, Zeininger