Ken Titus Takes Modified Main At Afton


AFTON, NY – The racing at Afton Motorsports Park (A.M.P.) started out with two of the five make up features from the previous week presented by the Chenango County Law Enforcement Association. The two taking place were the Chamber’s & O’Hara Open Sportsman and the Trophy Guy IMCA Modified divisions both twenty-laps in distance. After those two features it was the Chamber’s & O’Hara night with the Slingshots on the card and the Green Briar Farms Combined Four Cylinder Truck and Car division having the night off. All but the last feature, which was the IMCA got in the books before rain fell and postponing this race to a date yet to be determined at this writing.

The Chamber’s & O’Hara Open Sportsman division from the previous week that was being presented by the Chenango County Law Enforcement Association started with Dan Burman (57) and (7up) Danielle Smith on the front row. Burman grabbed the lead from the drop of the green with a big battle for spots going on behind him. Smith and Craig Pope (42c) battled for second and third with the (d9) of Dennis Clapperton fast approaching the two battling for second. The first caution came out on lap eleven for Dave Rosa (61) coming to a stop at the top of turn four with a right front flat. Burman still finds himself leading the way on the restart but Dennis Clapperton overtakes Burman for the top spot coming to complete lap twelve. At lap fifteen the top five is Clapperton, Bill Deckleman (90), Burman, Pope and Chris Jordan (22J). One final caution on lap nineteen for Rosa stopping coming out of turn two. The top five at the finish was Clapperton, Deckleman, Jordan, Burman and Danny Yankowski (32y). Clapperton and Pope won the two heat races the previous week. With no interviews and then the rain stopping the show I didn’t get and information or quotes from any of the winners all night.

The Trophy Guy IMCA Modified twenty-lap make-up feature got underway with Eric Stumpf (7S) and Gary Roberts (U2) being the front row coming to Scott Stevens green flag. Gary ‘Fireball’ Roberts jumped to the lead which he stayed out front until lap nine and then broke going down the backstretch just as his Son Matt Roberts (613) was going by on the inside. Matt stayed there until the finish with Tyler Stoddard (23), Beau Ballard (15), Leonard Miller (X) and Aaron Jacobs (16). The feature was halted three times for minor problems, as one was a flat one for debris and one for a spin. Heat race wins from the previous week were taken down by Gary Roberts and Mike Stoddard S/360. Only the (27) of Matt Szecsodi failed to return for the make-up feature.

On to the August ninth events and the official Chamber’s & O’Hara night with the ZMK Modified division running their thirty-lap feature with Kailee Dimorier (14) and Ken Sparks Jr (49) leading the way. Dimorier motored to the front at the drop of the green and lead after one lap, but a caution came out in between turn one and two for Rusty Smith (34) coming to a stop. A broken front end seen him get towed back to the pits and done for the night. On the restart Dimorier powered back out front and at this time Tim Mayne (8m) Kenny Titus (9), Brett Tonkin (15) and Jeff Sheely (38) followed with Brandon Walters (22) and Jeremy Smith (46 both turning up the wick. Lap six saw a caution for Justin Holland (280) spinning in turn three and causing Darwin Greene (1) to go around to miss him. Dimorier led on the restart with now behind her were Mayne, Titus Tonkin and Walters.  Titus after getting passed by Tonkin got a good run off of turn two and split Mayne and Tonkin to take over second. Titus ran down Dimorier and became the leader where he would stay by a comfortable margin until the checkered flag fell. Behind Titus was Tonkin, Smith, Dimorier and Walters having a fierce battle for the next four spots. Tonkin and Smith both started battling for second and third with Dimorier and Walters battling for three and four. A car slowing on lap twenty-five brought out the final caution. Titus was up to the challenge as he pulled away with Tonkin, Walters, Smith and Dimorier following the Titus across the line for his first of the 2019-racing-season. The three qualifying heats for the nineteen cars were won by Titus, Dimorier, and JR Hurlburt (6H).

The Rinker Insurance Agency Crate 602 Sportsman feature got underway with Lisa Williams (10) and Gary Miller (1m) showing the way for the twenty-four-car starting field. Miller from his outside line grabbed the lead where he stayed until Dave Rosa (61) on lap three got by for the top spot. First caution appeared on lap seven for Mike Roth (1) hitting and riding the top of the wall on the front stretch until coming off the wall and to a stop with severe frontend damage. The top five at this point was Rosa, Brandon Loucks (23), Miller, Ryan Macartney (24) and Bobby Flood (91). The final caution came out just short of the finish as Lisa Williams and Fred Smith (119 got together between three and four. On the restart Rosa propelled back to the top and the win followed by Macartney, Loucks, Flood and AJ Digsby. The three heats were captured by Macartney, Rosa and Blaine Klinger (9k).

The Pit Stop Auto Street Stock division saw fourteen cars take the green with Dave Cronk (01) and Steve Polhamus (98P) leading the way. Cronk got to the front to lead lap one. A caution waved before lap two could go on the Mirabito Energy Products lap counter for a spin by the (16) driven by Jerry Lobdell Jr and he got collected by the (1) of Bob Crandall. When they got back to green it lasted one lap as the (3K) of Damon Decker spinning in turn one. He ending up going out on the hook ending his night. They get back to racing and Butch Green (57) starts to work on Cronk, but Cronk still has the lead as caution comes out on lap eight for the (74D) of Larry Miller slowing on the speedway. Green get by for the lead on lap ten after a restart for the (160x) of Jake Fowlston with a flat front tire. Shaun Stalker (32) spun on lap eleven for the final caution. After the restart the biggest mover was Lobdell working back to second at the finish followed by (KP1) Doug Polhamus, Cronk, and Shane Wolf. Heat winners on this night were won by Butch Green and Dave Cronk.

The regularly scheduled Chamber’s & O’Hara Open Sportsman came to the green with a pair of young ladies leading the way to the initial green. It was Leah Decker (189) and Danielle Smith (7up) showing the way but third place starter Danny Yankowski (32y) sliding by on the bottom of turn two to take the lead that he would never relinquish. The only caution in this race came on lap ten as Bill Deckleman spun as he was trying to get by Jim Gould (28). Blaine Klinger (9K) was the biggest mover late in the race as he came across the line second followed by Dave Rosa (61), Leah Decker and Jim Rothwell (4). Danny Yankowski and Jim Rothwell took down the two qualifying heats.

In the visiting Sling Shot division newcomer Dan Slosek (28s) and Jim Gaige (33) brought the field to the green. The Seniors start in front of the Juniors come feature time as each division run a heat race by themselves. There were a few cautions in this race slowing the pace but nothing serious. One hard crash happened when Alex Boughton (27) got into his Dad Bob Boughton going into turn three and Bob went around and Junior driver Gordon Smith (44s) had nowhere to go and made hard contact with the car. Both drivers were alright but both cars were done for the evening. Jim Gaige was the Senior winner as he was first across the line and third finishing Liam Jackson (82) was the Junior winner.

A.M.P. Notes; A late shower that set in over the track with just the regularly scheduled Trophy Guy IMCA feature to run. When I left it wasn’t settled when that feature would be made up so watch their Face Book page or their website for the official statement. My guess is to make it up with the Crate Sportsman on Friday August 30th. The track is silent next week and the following week the Modified and Street Stock feature from August 2 will be made up which is August 23. The night will also see many back pack/ book bags given away by a drive being headed by track announcer Leon Andrus. Make sure you bring the youngsters to the races on this night. Grandview Speedway and Short Track Series Announcer Jeff Allam stopped by and called a couple of races for the fans with Leon. The field of cars in all divisions were pretty solid with a good crowd taking in the exciting action. You need to come on out and see what everyone is talking about for yourself.

Unofficial results at Afton Motorsports Park for Friday August 9th on Chambers and O’Hara Night.

Chambers and O’Hara Open Sportsman 8/2 makeup feature.
Dennis Clapperton, Bill Deckleman, Chris Jordan, Dan Burman, Danny Yankowski, Craig Pope, Jim Rothwell, Jim Gould, Leah Decker, Brandon Kuhn, Danielle Smith, Marshall Hurd, Blaine Klinger, Dave Rosa, Michael Roach, Zack Falciani.

The Trophy Guy IMCA 8/2 makeup feature.
Matt Roberts, Tyler Stoddard, Beau Ballard, Leonard Miller, Aaron Jacobs, Eric Stumpf, JT Roe, Mike Stoddard, Jim Cummings, Gary Roberts, Brian Steigerwald, Trey Palmer.

ZMK Construction Modifieds.
Ken Titus, Brett Tonkin, Brandon Walters, Jeremy Smith, Kailee Demorier, Nick Nye, JR Hurlburt, Justin Holland, Tim Mayne, Mitch Gibbs, Ken Sparks Jr., Jeff Sheely, Darwin Greene, Paul Jensen, Chad O’Hara, Alex Tonkin, Steve Babicek, Aaron Jacobs, Rusty Smith.

Rinker Insurance Crate Sportsman.
Dave Rosa, Ryan Macartney, Brandon Loucks, Bobby Flood, AJ Digsby, Blaine Klinger, Steve Andersen, Gary Miller, Fred Christ, Brad Alger, Dustin Harris, Allan Hodge, Gary Smith, Tyler Ward, Matt Meade, Jason Feinberg, Fred Smith, Kamdin Maby, Brandon Christ, Lisa Williams, Craig Monroe, John Williams, Larry Taylor, Mike Roth.

Chambers and O’Hara Open Sportsman.
Danny Yankowski, Blaine Klinger, Dave Rosa, Leah Decker, Jim Rothwell, Dennis Clapperton, Jim Gould, Chris Jordan, Craig Pope, Bill Deckleman, Marshall Hurd, Dan Burman, Duane Knapp, Zack Falciani, Brandon Kuhn, Danielle Smith, Michael Roach.

Pit Stop Auto Street Stocks.
Butch Green, Jerry Lobdell Jr., Doug Polhamus, Dave Cronk, Shane Wolf, Rich Green, Travis Brockner, Steve Polhamus, Jake Fowlston, Bob Crandall, Larry Miller, Ralph Cuozzo, Shawn Stalker, Damon Decker.

Allstar Slingshots.
Jim Gaige, Alex Boughton, Dan Slosek, Bob Boughton, Mike Bellinger.

Junior Slingshots.
Liam Jackson, Evan O’Hara, Zack Welch, Tavien Blowers, Gordon Smith.

The regular IMCA feature was trained out.