Gibbs Secures his Seventieth Modified Feature Win

AFTON, NY – On Gotta Go Mirabito night at the Afton Motorsports Park (A.M.P.), Mitch Gibbs (2g) picked up the ZMK Construction Modified feature victory which gives him seventy at this speedway and one hundred eighty-nine in his illustrious career. Other winners on this night saw Dave Rosa (61) victorious in the Ted’s Body Shop Crate Sportsman for his second of the season. Danny Yankowski (14) grabbed win number one on the season in the Rinker Insurance Agency Open Sportsman division, The Chambers O’Hara Sales, Service & Rentals Street Stock division was won by Lanson Albanese (14a) for his second and first repeat winner of the season. The Trophy Guy and Sports Connection Allstar Slingshots run one feature with two winners. The All-Star winner was Brett Putnum (6b) his second of the season, and the Junior winner was Avery Decker (22a) for his first here at A.M.P.

ZMK Construction Modified Division; Jeff Sheely (38) and Todd Titus (T9) brought the seventeen-car starting field to the green with both headed into turn one side by side. Out of turn two, and before the lap was completed Brett Tonkin (9) from his third starting spot was able to sneak underneath both for the lead and record lap one. On lap three Nicholas Mady Jr. (M20) hopped an implement tire in turn two and landed upside down bringing the first yellow. Once righted Mady drove away after a quick check with his crew. Back to green and Tonkin has a slight advantage over Sheely J.R. Hurlburt (6H) and Mitch Gibbs up from his seventh starting spot. Gibbs picked them off one by one working the top-side of the speedway. On lap six Gibbs was able to reel in and motor on by Son-In-Law Brett Tonkin for a lead he would not relinquish. Dan Vauter (85) starting back in eleventh is the nan racing through the field now. Bobby Flood (91) gets by Tonkin to take over second and then two-time winner Nick Nye (6nn) slides by on lap twenty-six for third. Rounding out top top-five at the finish is Tonkin, and Vauter. Gibbs in victory lane talked about how good the track was and how racy it was tonight. I wasn’t sure I was going to catch Brett but when I did, I knew as good as it was working, I was going too. I mentioned it was his seventh feature win at the track and he said it all goes to this team here; I was ready to hang it up but that keep telling me it was going to come and I am glad they kept me around now.

Ted’s Body Shop Crate Sportsman; Dylan Nichols (01) and Blake Sarpriacone (69) brought the full field to newly-named starter Gary Kinney’s green flag with Sarpriacone taking the lead and held for the first five laps. First one to catch and get by was Jason Feinberg (5) who started in the third spot. The mid pack of starters were the ones coming through the pack and battling among themselves for spots. The action was only stopped twice for debris on the speedway. Dave Rosa (61) from his eighth starting spot took the lead on lap twenty-one. Gary Smith (7up) from his starting spot of twelve also was nipping at Rosa’s heels. Two other competitors finished just ahead of Feinberg at the checkers and they were Brett Tonkin (27k) and Blaine Klinger (9k) to round out the top five. In victory lane Rosa said the track was wide tonight with a lot of bite. I told him between his Open and Crate rides it seems like I am always talking to you and he said that was ok.

Rinker Insurance Agency Open Sportsman; Dwayne Jackson (82) and Blaine Klinger (9k) led the cars to the green for their twenty-five-lap feature go. Klinger pushed up a little in turn one and that allowed Jackson to lead the first two laps. On lap three Joshua Akshar (4) went around all by himself and stopping bringing out the first of only two cautions in the race. Danny Yankowski (14) is the car on the move as the field goes back to green. Klinger is second now and Craig Pope (42c) is third. Yankowski takes over third on lap seven and goes to work on Klinger and gets by a lap later. On lap ten Yankowski motor on by Jackson for the top spot. Trey Palmer (12) stops on track with a flat on lap twenty-one. Now the top five are all back bumper to bumper for the final four laps. On the restart Klinger maintains second at the line with Bill Deckleman (90), last week’s winner Jim Rothwell (4) and James Gould (28). Yankowski was happy to get the first of the season and the first here in quite a while. The car was on rails and that all goes to my crew and I can’t thank them enough.
Chambers O’Hara Sales Service & Rentals Street Stocks; Lanson Albanese (14a) and Doug Polhamus (KP1) led the Street Stocks to the green with Albanese on the outside grabbing the lead and never looked back even with a couple of stoppages along the way. Polhamus who slid back in a minor skirmish battled back for second. Finishing third fourth and fifth were, Doug Stack Jr. (four1s) Shawn Boynton (3L) and last week’s winner Rich Fife (3k). I mentioned in victory lane that you are the first repeat winner in this division and it is by the first winner. Albanese mentioned how he is no good on a slick track so took a week off to work on that and he decided to bring the other car and then the track was far from slick but he and the car adjusted admirably.
The Trophy Guy All-Star Slingshots; Brett Putnam (6b) who started tenth on the grid got his second feature win of the season here. Alex Boughton (27) who started outside pole and led until Putnam got by on lap three. Some of the early contenders got caught up in an early melee. Last weeks winner Gordon Smith (44) finished third followed by Rodney Renwick (63) and Hayden Coons (12). In the Gotta Go Mirabito victory lane both Putnam and Avery Decker (22a) the Junior winner both mentioned the track was just a tad rough for these cars. Decker mentioned it was his first win here and hopes for more. Putnam has looked strong every outing here.
A.M.P. After Thoughts; A great night of racing was had by all with many positive feedbacks to me every trip to the Mirabito victory lane. The folks from Mirabito also said they enjoyed themselves and that is a big plus to keep a sponsor happy. Coming up this Tuesday June 29 is the big GRIT Triple- Header of Crate Sportsman, Factory Stocks and 600cc Modified. The Friday July 2 show features the Chad Sindoni Memorial with a $1000.00 to win for the division plus all laps sponsored for at least $34.00 the number Chad raced with many other awards planned. All regular divisions are on the card as we start the Independence Day holiday weekend off with this beauty.

June 25, 2021 Racing Results
ZMK Construction Modifieds 17 Entries; Mitch Gibbs, Bobby Flood, Nick Nye, Brett Tonkin, Dan Vauter, J.R. Hurlburt, Ken Titus, Rusty Smith, Jeff Sheely, Paul Jensen, Richie Price, Nicholas Mady Jr, Todd Titus, Dennis Clapperton, Alan Barker, Justin Holland, Alex Tonkin. Heat winners, Rusty Smith, Brett Tonkin

Ted’s Body Shop 602 Crate Sportsman 23 Entries; Dave Rosa, Gary Smith, Brett Tonkin, Blaine Klinger, Jason Feinberg, Mike Grover, Allan Hodge, Gene Beadle, Brandon Loucks, A.J. Digsby, Russell Benke, Eric Jensen, Blake Sarpriacone, Kevin Crave, Scott Torbitt, Dylan Nichols, Dustin Harris, Tyler Ward, John Williams, Ryan Zelesko, David Dickey, Mike Mondack, Mike Murphy (DNS). Heat winners; Feinberg, Dickey, Sarpriacone

Rinker Insurance Agency Open Sportsman 16 Entries; Danny Yankowski, Blaine Klinger, Bill Decklemen, Jim Rothwell, James Gould, Dave Rosa, Dwayne Jackson, Jim Cummings, Rich Coons, Danielle Smith, Trey Palmer, Joshua Akshar, Marc Goodwin, Craig Pope, Michael Roach, Ava Coons (DNS). Heat winners; Yankowski, Pope

Chambers O’Hara Sales Service & Rentals Street Stocks 11 Entries; Lanson Albanese, Douglas Polhamus, Doug Stack Jr, Shawn Boynton, Rich Fife, Leonard Miler, Kurt Decker, Brian Steigerwald, Dusty Decker, Bob Crandall, Shane Wolf. Heat winners; Polhamus, Albanese

All-Star Slingshots 11 Entries; Brett Putnam, Alex Boughton, Gordon Smith, Rodney Renwick, Hayden Coons, Calvin Wheelock, Carson Rothwell, Joe Rando, Julia Renwick, Mike Wheelock, Bob Boughton. Heat winners; Smith, Rando
Junior Slingshots 2 Entries; Avery Decker, Brayden Ohara.