Bobby Flood Goes Back-To-Back At Afton

AFTON, NY – Bobby Flood picked up his second consecutive Modified feature event win on Friday night at the Afton Motorsports Park over Nick Nye and Dennis Clapperton.

ZMK Construction Modified; Matt Sobiech (66m) and Dennis Clapperton (D9) led the charge to green for the start of the thirty-lap feature. Before the first lap could be completed an accident going into turn one brought the field under yellow. Third starting Nick Mady (m20) after some contact with the pole starter Sobiech found himself in the first turn wall and when eighth starting Jim Rockwell (4) who broke to the high-side at the start made contact with the stopped Mady machine. Neither car returned to action with heavy damage to the Rothwell machine. Once back underway Sobiech grabbed the lead Clapperton running right with the leader. JR Hurlburt (6h) fourth starter and fifth and sixth place starter Bobby Flood (91) and Nick Nye (6nn) all were battling for third behind the top two. Flood was the first to break through with Nye right with him as the both took over first and second on lap six. Those two continued a fierce battle until a caution coming on lap thirteen for Ken Titus (9) up against the third turn wall. On the restart Flood chose the top groove as he was running most of the race up high especially the top of two. In the final few laps Flood was able to pull away from Nye to pick up his second feature win-in-a-row. Following Flood across the line for the top five were Nye, Clapperton,

Brian Mady (2) and Hurlburt. The two heat races were captured by Flood and Clapperton. Speaking with Flood in the Gotta Go Mirabito victory thanked his family and crew for all they do along with his sponsors. He told me about how he is just not quite sure where he wanted to be in turns three and four but high between one and two, he felt really comfortable.

Rinker Insurance Agency Crate 602 Sportsman; Gary Smith (7up) and (28B) Mike Bellinger occupied the front row at the start of the twenty-five-lap feature. Smith grabbed the lead and recorded lap one but before lap two got recorded third starting Gene Beadle (1*) his first night out took the top spot that he would never let go off. Three cautions slowed the action throughout the event. The first on lap three for fourteenth starting Alan Komar (88) slowing with mechanical issues. Lap nine the yellow showed again for eighth starting Tyler Ward (44) stopping on top of turn three with mechanical failure. The final caution was for an infield marker tire getting hit onto the speedway. Beadle was able to hold off the challenges from Smith on the restarts and eventually was able to pull away. The last five laps Smith was closing back in and challenged Beadle as he could close in coming out of two but would lose it back coming out of four. The top five at the finish behind the top two were Dave Rosa (61), Blaine Klinger (9K) and Todd Titus (9). Those three raged a battle of their own the final few laps to the delight of the crowd. Heat race winners on this night were captured by Klinger and Beadle. In victory lane Beadle told me that it was his first night out as he always enjoyed racing here as it is his favorite track. The travel makes it challenging but happy to get that career feature win here. Beadle thanked his sponsors and his crew.

Chambers & O’Hara Sales, Service. Rental Street Stocks; Shane Wolf (77) and Kurt Decker (89K) paced the field as they came to green for the start of the twenty-lap feature. Wolf motored to the lead and never looked back the entire distance. Decker continued in second but could never muster up enough to get by the high-flying machine of Wolf. The battle behind the top two Doug Stack JR. (4-1-s) starting third and his Dad Doug Stack Sr. (34) who started behind him in fifth switched positions as they both tried to close on the top two. Brian Steigerwald (H20) brought the first yellow with a flat on lap eight. The final caution came out on lap fourteen as the (42) of Brad Hurlburt hit an infield tire and hurt his front end. Doug Stack Sr. also when pit-side at this point. On the restart Wolf opened a lead that Decker could never quite overcome. Wolf won the only scheduled heat event. In victory lane Wolf thanked Ron Ford and his staff for the outstanding track conditions and the whole staff on how pleasant it is there. He also thanked his owner George Miller the car owner and his hard- working crew especially ShannonKenny Peoples Jr. and John Hand to get the car here tonight as he didn’t think there was a chance. Wolf also ran down the sponsors as he read some as he hasn’t learned them all yet.

Ted’s Body Shop Limited Sportsman; Amanda Scholtisek (88a) and Carson Rothwell (4) led

the field for the start of the fifteen-lapper. After the first try got called back for a jump the second chance found Rothwell shoot to the front to lead lap one and the fourteen laps that followed for his first career win in the division after moving up from the Slingshots this season. Newcomer Carter Miller (34) who tagged the front-stretch wall brought out the only caution during the event. Fourth starting Tyler Holcomb (4t) tried a late run on Rothwell but the young hot-shoe did not make any errors for Holcomb to capitalize on. Scholtisek won the lone heat race. In the Gotta Go Mirabito victory lane Holcomb had a smile that will stay there until his cheeks start to hurt. He thanked his family, crew and sponsors. It feels good to get the win in one of these bigger cars as they are much faster and fun to drive.

Afton After Thoughts; The nights program had two of our great sponsors occupying our VIP towers. One had the season-long Crate Sportsman sponsor Rinker Insurance Agency and the other Curtis Lumber. The 602 Crates, Street Stock and Limited Sportsman, the three divisions that had just one winner in the two races contested this season had the streak stopped. Gary Smith in the 602’s had to settle for second behind career first winner Gene Beadle. In the Street Stock division, the two-time winner Damon Decker (89) was on vacation. The Limited Sportsman winner Rothwell on career win one made the two-time winner Tyler Holcomb settle for second. The night also saw the Rinker Insurance Agency Crate Sportsman and the Ted’s Body Shop Limited Sportsman took part in our annual meet and greet during intermission down on the horse track. Many teams with candy, water bottles or hero cards to hand out to the fans. John Williams (312) Crate 602 Sportsman brought two bicycles to give away from one of his fine sponsors. On behalf of the Ron Ford and the entire staff here we want to say Thank you. Upcoming this week, the other three divisions will take part in the same. In closing I want to thank anyone who have ever read any of my results column and have commented rather to congratulate or complain it was all good to read and with that said this is my final one and I hope someone takes this over and does it much better than I.

June 3, 2022, Racing Results

Modifieds: Bobby Flood, Nick Nye, Dennis Clapperton, Brian Mady, JR Hurlburt, Jim Becker, Matt Sobiech, Derek Cornish, Joshua Akshar, Matt Meade, Chad O’Hara, Ken Titus, Nick Mady, Jim Rothwell, Brandon Walters.

602 Crate Sportsman: Gene Beadle, Gary Smith, Dave Rosa, Blaine Klinger, Todd Titus, Dustin Harris, AJ Digsby, Jim Gould, Mike Bellinger, John Williams, Randy Gates, Scott Torbitt, Ava Coons, Tyler Ward, Alan Komar, Jeremy Hamilton.

Limited Sportsman: Carson Rothwell, Tyler Holcomb, Hayden Coons, Amanda Scholtisek , Carter Miller.

Street Stock: Shane Wolf, Kurt Decker, Doug Stack Jr, Brian Steigerwald, Leonard Miller, Doug Stack Sr, Brad Hurlburt.