Jack Speshock Wins Airborne Speedway Opener

PLATTSBURGH, NY –  The “War Eagle”, Jack Speshock navigated heavy lapped traffic to collect the J&S Steel Sportsman Modified victory at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh.
Speshock took the lead on a lap-11 restart and worked onto lapped traffic at lap-20. Nick Heywood was lurking off the back bumper and passed Speshock on lap-22. The lead was short lived however, as Heywood was snookered behind a lapped car and Speshock pounced on the opportunity.

Travis Bruno worked his way into second and challenged Speshock in the final couple laps. As the white flag was unfurled, Bruno was right on the back bumper, but Speshock hit his marks in turns one and two to gain separation and drive away for the victory.
Bruno held on for second, while Heywood crossed the line third. Andrew Buff and Ricky Thompson completed the top five.

Jay Corbin was on point in the Hartson Total Opening Pro Stock division as he won by a comfortable margin. Josh Coonradt, Shawn Kirby, Mike White and Tyler Bushey completed the top five.

The Ernie’s Discount Tools Renegades division had 2019 champion, Shawn Duquette scoring the victory on Saturday night.

Duquette survived two restarts alongside Zack Daniels after the pair raced side-by-side for the first couple laps after each restart. Jim McKiernan, Bill Duprey and Michael Wright completed the top five.

Nathaniel Guay scored the victory in the Lake City Fire 4-Cylinder division. Tyler Bell, Caleb Tourville, “Little Elvis” Greg Zindler Jr and Chuck Mooney completed the top five.
Bruno and Dean Charbonneau each received a free tire courtesy of DIRTcar and Hoosier Racing Tires.

Speshock, Corbin, Duquette and Guay each received an added bonus from Chris Craft and Kathy Caldwell plus the Chris Frennier Motorsports “Two to Go” award. Heywood received an extra $25 for having the fastest lap time in the Sportsman feature, courtesy of Frennier Motorsports.

J&S STEEL SPORTSMAN (30 LAPS): JACK SPESHOCK, Travis Bruno, Nick Heywood, Andrew Buff, Ricky Thompson, Tanner Siemons, Justin Severance, Codie Aubin, Jamy Begor, Dylan Rabtoy, Justin Stone, Robert Bublack Jr., Todd Buckwold, Vince Quenneville Jr., Zach Arquiett, Jamie LaFountain, Derrick McGrew Jr., DJ Gonyo, Bucko Branham, Delbert Legrow, Billy Lussier, Jason Bonnett, Joey Roberts, Delbert Legrow Jr., Billy Cook, Robert Laware, Garrett Given, Josh Masterson, Chris Cayea, Tanner Forbes (DNS), Mark Fewster (DNS), Al Lajoyc (DNS), Matt Bourey (DNS), Cory Castell (DNS), Tom Jock III (DNS), Jonathan Rush (DNS)

HARTSON TOTAL OPENING PRO STOCKS (25 LAPS): JAY CORBIN, Josh Coonradt, Shawn Kirby, Mike White, Tyler Bushey, Dean Charbonneau, Jay Fitzgerald, Kevin Fetterly Jr., Ken Hartschorn

ERNIE’S DISCOUNT TOOLS RENEGADES (25 LAPS): SHAWN DUQUETTE, Zack Daniels, Jim McKiernan, Bill Duprey, Michael Wright, Joe Daniels, Tylor Terry, Bill Fountain, Josh Leclaire, Rolland Guay, Cam Gadue, Matt Leonard, Josh Terry, Joe Warren, Tyler Irwin, Travis Stokes, Austin McKiernan

LAKE CITY FIRE 4-CYLINDERS (15 LAPS): NATHANIEL GUAY, Tyler Bell, Caleb Tourville, Greg Zindler Jr., Chuck Mooney, Chris Deangelo, Robert Carpenter, Jacob Fountain, Josh Laporte, Nate Leonard, Clem Bell (DNS)