Kenny Tremont Battles To Albany Saratoga Checkers

MALTA, NY – It has not been a season to write home about for 13-time Modified track champion Kenny Tremont. On Friday night Tremont finally put it all together, taking the lead on lap10 of the 35-lap feature and capturing his first win on the season and his 72nd career win at Albany-Saratoga. “It was nice to finally get a win. It has been a rough year,” said Tremont.

Ronnie Johnson finished in second with Elmo Reckner, the early race leader, settling for third. Keith Flach was fourth and a great run by point leader Peter Britten starting 29th and finished fifth. Britten had dropped out of his heat race and the hot laps and looked like his point lead might have been in trouble.

It was not a good night for Brett Hearn as he went pit side on lap 19 and returned to the speedway off the pace, limping home with a broken birdcage to finish 22nd.

Robbie Speed came out on top of a wild and fierce battle in the” King of the Dirt Pro Stock Series.” Speed had to hold off Nick Stone, Jeff Washburn, Chucky Dumblewski and Rob Yetman to win the 30-lap “Firecracker Frenzy”.

Steve Poirier motored to victory in the Patriot Sprint Tour’s lone visit to the “The Great Race Place.” Davie Franek finished in second with Paulie Calagiovanni finishing in third. Bobby Varin and Jordan Poirier rounded out the top five.

David Schilling went wire-to-wire to capture his first win of the season in the Sowle Trailer Repair Sportsman Series. Adam McAuliffe made a late race charge to second getting past Jack Speshock who settled for third. Connor Cleveland and Dave Baranowski rounded out the top five.

Scott Lawrence won his second feature of the season in the Street Stock division outdistancing Jimmy Duncan, Damon Anderson, Al Relyea and Chase Aussicker. Relyea’s fourth place finish, coupled with a 13th place finish by Miller, gave Relyea a little more breathing room at the top of the Street Stock point standings

Bobby Gage picked up his first career Limited Sportsman feature denying James Meehan a shot at moving up to the Sportsman class. Stephen Kneer, Mike Block and Colin Clow rounded out the top five.

Albany-Saratoga Speedway will be back in action on Friday night,July 14, with 50-lap features for the Modified, Sportsman and Pro Stock classes. Sowle Trailer Repair will put up extra cash for each event as the Modified winner will take home $4,000, the Sportsman winner will receive $3,000 and the Pro Stock winner will win $2,000.

Pit gates will open on Friday at 4 p.m. and the grandstand gate will open at 5 p.m.

Admission is $10 for adults and $2 for children 11 and under.

“Selfie Night” Modified Results (35 Laps) – 1) Ken Tremont Jr, 2)Ronnie Johnson, 3) Keith Flach, 4) Peter Britten, 5) Don Mattison, 6) Neil Stratton, 7) Jimmy Cottrell, 8) Bodie Bellinger, 9) Jessey Mueller, 10) Matt Depew, 11) Marc Johnson, 12) Jeremy Wilder, 13) Kris Vernold, 14) Brian Gleason, 15) Olden Dwyer, 16) Bobby Hackel IV, 17) Chad Jeseo, 18) Rich Ronca, 19) Ricky Davis, 20) Elmo Reckner, 21) Travis Billington, 22) Brett Hearn, 23) C.G. Morey, 24) Ray Hoard, 25) Jim Nagle, 26) Bill Cody, 27) Demetrios Drellos, 28) Matt Delorenzo, 29) Jeff Rockefeller, DNS) Justin Barber, DNS) Don Ronca

Patriot Sprint Tour Results (25 Laps) – 1) Steve Poirier, 2) Davie Franek, 3) Paulie Colagiovanni, 4) Bobby Varin, 5) Jordan Poirier, 6) Steve Collins, 7) Matt Tanner, 8) Mike Kiser, 9) Billy VanInwegen, 10) Kyle Drum, 11) Danny Varin, 12) Jordan Thomas, 13) Scott Holcomb, 14) Chad Miller, 15) Jeff Trombley, 16) Josh Flint, 17) Derrick Juliano, 18) James Hanson, 19) Josh Azzi, 20) Jared Zimbardi, 21) Jason Barney, 22) Josh Pieniazek, 23) Derek Jonathan, DNQ) Scott Goodrich, DNQ) Link Pettit, DNQ) Pete Richardson, DNQ) Joe Trenca, DNQ) Emily VanInwegen, DNQ) Cory Sparks

Sowle Trailer Repair Sportsman Results (25 Laps) – 1) David Schilling, 2) Adam McAuliffe, 3) Jack Speshock, 4) Connor Cleveland, 5) Dave Baranowski, 6) Chris Johnson, 7) Robert Bublak, 8) Brian Pessalano, 9) Rocky Warner, 10) Nick Lussier, 11) Jeremy Pitts, 12) Jack Lehner, 13) Jamike Sowle, 14) Brian Calabrese, 15) Dave Constantino, 16) Joe Orlando, 17) Fred Proctor, 18) Daryl Nutting, 19) Nick Fretto, 20) Tim Hartman Jr, 21) Jim Osgood, 22) Greg McCloskey, 23) Elliott Lussier, 24) Scott Duell, 25) Ken Conroy, 26) Jon Miller, 27) Jesse Edwards, 28) Christopher Ronca, 29) Mike Ostrander, 30) Jason Gray, 31) Josh Neal, 32) Andrew Buff, 33) Pat Jones, 34) Mike Coffey, DNS) Jason Reome

Limited Sportsman Results (15 Laps) – 1) Bobby Gage, 2) James Meehan, 3) Stephen Kneer, 4) Mike Block, 5) Colin Clow, 6) Scott Bennett Jr, 7) Mike Parodi, 8) Justin Buff, 9) Matt Rich, 10) Gary Derocher, 11) E.J. McAuliffe, 12) Chance Martindale, 13) Jerard LeClair, 14) Jim Mattison, 15) Jeff Jenkins, 16) Don Greco, 17) Jacob Volpi, 18) Steve Burch, 19) John Stowell, 20) Paolo Pascarella, 21) Bob Schmidt, 22) Bryan Jones, 23) Michael Wagner Fitzgerald, 24) Derek Bornt, DNS) Craig Seely

King of Dirt Pro Stock Results (30 Laps) – 1) Robbie Speed, 2) Nick Stone, 3) Jeff Washburn, 4) Chuck Dumblewski, 5) Rob Yetman, 6) Jason Casey, 7) Jay Casey, 8) Kim Duell, 9) Brandon Emigh, 10) Jason Meltz, 11) Gus Hollner, 12) Kenny Martin, 13) Dan Older, 14) Ernie Greenier, 15) Devon Camenga, 16) Dave Depaulo, 17) Jon Routhier, 18) Jeff LaPalme, 19) Norm Loubier, 20) Rich Crane, 21) Darryl Older, 22) Byron Wescott, 23) Josh Rozelle, 24) Chris Wemple, 25) Nick Arnold, 26) Brandon Gray, 27) Ron Delease Jr. 28) Walt Brownell, 29) Todd Hoffman, 30) Matt Roberts, 31) Yates Lansing, 32) Luke Horning, 33) Ed Thompson, 34) Josh Coonradt

Street Stock Results (20 Laps) – 1) Scott Lawrence, 2) Jim Duncan, 3) Damon Anderson, 4) Al Relyea, 5) Chase Aussicker, 6) John Filarecki, 7) Mark Burch, 8) Rob VanAernam, 9) David Pelis, 10) Matt Mosher, 11) Jeff Meltz Sr,

12) Fred Harris, 13) Randy Miller, 14) Frank Monroe, 15) Joey Wilson, 16) Pete Vila, 17) David Cook, 18) Chris Murphy, 19) John Hayes

4 Cyliner Single Cam Results (15 Laps) – 1) Elmer Montville, 2) Will Ryan, 3) Robert Garney, 4) Brett Horlacher, 5) Allana Jordan, 6) Johnny Bruno, 7) Tyler Burch

4 Cylinder Dual Cam Results (15 Laps) – 1) Steve Ryan, 2) Josh Wood, 3) P.J. Bleau, 4) Jared Powell, 5) Ben Grant, 6) Jason Lang, 7) Wayne Russell, 8) David Frame