Raabe Races To Victory In Drummond Opener


DRUMMONDVILLE, QC – Chris Raabe decided this week to be a regular at Autodrome Drummond and this decision paid off as he won the first feature of the year for the Modifieds.

Sébastien Gougeon who had been leading the race since the first lap managed to survive multiple restarts. However, on the final lap, he got stuck behind a car that was a lap behind. Seizing the opportunity, Raabe managed to pass him on the inside and take the lead. Ultimately, Raabe emerged as the winner of the race, with Gougeon and David Hébert following closely behind.

William Racine, the defending Sportsman champion, worked tirelessly to win the Sportsman Feature race despite tough competition from Raphaël Gougeon, who was eager to win in front of his home crowd. In the end, Racine emerged victorious, with Gougeon coming in second. Kaven Poliquin put on an impressive performance, finishing on the podium after starting from the 12th position, followed by Bryan Préville and Donovan Lussier.

Keven Hébert dominated the MidgetSTR feature. Starting first, he got himself a 6 seconds lead and never got bothered to win the race. Sabrina Blanchet got the best of Pierre Hébert to finish second in front of the veteran driver.

Yves Marcoux won the Semi-Pro Open feature. It was an action-driven race with many top runners getting caught in crashes or having mechanical issues.

Finally, our future stars were in action in the Slingshot division with 2 features as the April 29th postponed races were also on the card. In the Jr division, Sarah-Ann Lauzière won the 2 features. In the Senior class, Jacob Nadeau and Matthew Noiseux won each feature.

Story courtesy Les Gars de Courses.

Autodrome Drummond Modified Feature (50 Laps) – 1. 01-Chris Raabe[5]; 2. 44-Sebastien Gougeon[2]; 3. 1-David Hebert[11]; 4. 54R-Even Racine[4]; 5. 37-Mathieu Desjardins[8]; 6. 54-Steve Bernard[16]; 7. 25P-Michael Parent[6]; 8. 21-Yan Bussiere[12]; 9. 3-Claude Brouillard[17]; 10. 90-Dany Gagne[10]; 11. 13-Kevin Hamel[14]; 12. 1R-Felix Roy[7]; 13. 25*-Steve Bernier[19]; 14. 88-Jeffrey Lapalme[28]; 15. 2-Patrick Beaumier[25]; 16. 81-Eric Landry[22]; 17. 36-Chantal Provencher[21]; 18. 92P-Martin Pelletier[20]; 19. 22C-Mario Clair[13]; 20. 79-Maxime Plante[9]; 21. 97-Josianne Plante[23]; 22. 41-Samuel Charland[1]; 23. 23-Yan Bilodeau[3]; 24. 35-Francois Bellemare[26]; 25. 7-Patrice Demers[18]; 26. 22K-Keven Clair[24]; 27. 22J-Gino Clair[27]; 28. 87-Martin Gagne[15]