Craig Whitmoyer, Kody Sites and Jason Geesaman shine in night #1 of the Coalcracker Weekend

MINERSVILLE, PA – The 2017 Coalcracker weekend kicked off last night with some great action on the track. Craig Whitmoyer was the winner of the U.S.S. Achey Sportsman Coalcracker 40. Big Diamond rookie Ryan Krachun won the Steel and Metal Service Center 358 Modified non-winners race. Your winner in the Savage 61 Road Runners division was Kody Sites and Jason Geesaman took top honors in the No Sweat Service Group Street Stocks.

Headlining the racing action tonight was the running of the Sportsman Coalcracker 40. With the starting lineup determined by the luck of the draw it was Craig Whitmoyer drawing the number one pill and starting from the pole position.

Whitmoyer immediately jumped to the lead as the green flag was thrown at the start as the field battled behind him. While Whitmoyer continued to lead the way tenth place starter Mike Lisowski was making moves through the field and when the caution flag flew on lap 17 was up to the second spot right behind Whitmoyer. Also slicing and dicing his way through the field was the 2017 Sportsman track champion Matt Stangle who had followed Lisowski to front now running in third.

Whitmoyer continued to lead when the race resumed as Lisowski, Stangle and invader Brian Papiez all jostled back and forth behind him. The final caution came out on lap 38 setting up a two lap dash to the checkers. When the green flag came back out it was a four car mad scramble for the lead as Whitmoyer had his hands full with Lisowski, Stangle and the outside running Papiez right behind him. The veteran Whitmoyer was up to the challenge and held off his challengers to take the win. It was Whitmoyer’s second win in a row in this race. Lisowski held on for second with Stangle, Papiez & Ray Woodall Jr completing the top five.

The Sportsman Modifieds also took part in a series of one on one challenge races with Doug Hendricks defeating Matt Stangle in the final race to take the title.

With over 30 drivers eligible to take part in the Steel and Metal Service Center non-winners race only four drivers showed up to take part in the race. With the winner of this race getting an automatic redraw spot for Sunday’s big Jack Rich, Inc. Coalcracker 72 I would’ve thought more drivers would try to take part to grab the coveted redraw spot. Ryan Krachun went on to win the 15 lap race over Bobby Gunther Walsh, Jim Bobbit and Heath Metzger.

The No Sweat Service Group Street Stocks put on a exciting show for the fans in their 30 lap Geesaman Automotive Summer Shootout with Jason Geesaman emerging with the big victory.

Joey Brennan would grab the lead at the start but by lap four Eric Tripp had taken over the top spot. After a lap 12 caution for early leader Joey Brennan who had tangled with the #99 of Chris Heller the field was brought back together. When the green flag came back out Tripp continued to lead with Jason Geesaman, Chris Derr and Elvin Brennan all right behind him looking to battle for the lead. Geesaman takes over the top spot on lap 14. Two laps later Elvin Brennan’s good run came to an end with an apparent blown engine being the culprit. Gessaman now had a battle on his hands with Tripp who was running the bottom groove trying to take the lead from Geesaman. The final caution of the race came out on lap 24 setting up a 6 lap shootout between Geesaman and Tripp. The duo raced the final laps side by side swapping the lead several times as they raced for the win. Coming out of turn four on the last lap Geesaman and Tripp were side by side both looking to take the win. As they raced under the checkered flag it was Geesaman edging out Tripp for the win in a very exciting finish. Following Geesaman and Tripp across the line to complete top five were Chris Heller, Chris Derr and Joey Brennan.

In the Savage 61 Road Runner feature event it was multi-time winner Kody Sites once again taking the checkered flag. Sites would take the lead from early leader Devin Trexler on lap seven and go unchallenged the rest of the race to take the win. Shawn Mulhall, Terry Kramer, Michael Reichert and Jon Schlauch would fill out the top five at the finish.

The Coalcracker weekend continues on Sunday September 3rd with the running of the Jack Rich, Inc. Coalcracker 72 lap feature event for the 358 Modifieds. Joining the Steel and Metal Service Center Modifieds on the night will be the No Sweat Service Group Street Stocks along with the Savage 61 Road Runners. Gates open at 5pm with the racing action getting underway at 8pm. Raindate is Monday September 4th.

Short Results 9/1/17
The Steel and Metal Service Center modified non-winner feature was won by Ryan Krachun who receives the guaranteed starting spot for the Coalcracker 72 on Sunday, September 3, 2017. He was followed by Bobby Gunther Walsh and Jim Bobbitt. Did not finish was Heath Metzger.

The Sportsman Coalcracker 40 was won by Craig Whitmoyer, Mike Lisowski, Matt Stangle, Brian Papiez, Ray Woodall Jr., Wayne Witmer, Louden Reimert, Ken Eckert Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Ryan Higgs, Kevin Brady, and John McGovern. Did not finish were Dave Dissinger, Shawn Light, Mike Burrows, Mike Schneck, Matt Clay, Doug Hendricks, Ed Mrochko, TJ Fitzpatrick, Glenn Rowan, Daryl Dissinger and Nathan Mohr.

The Savage 61 Roadrunner feature was won by Kody Sites, Shawn Mulhall, Terry Kramer, Mike Reichert, Jon Schlauch, Jim Kost, Shon Elk, Fred Everly, Matt Ney, Andrew Buchinski and Devin Trexler. Did not finish was Alex Ditzler.

The Geesaman Automotive Street Stock Summer Shootout 30 lap feature was won by Jasen Geesaman followed by Eric Tripp, Chris Heller, Chris Derr, Joey Brennan, Steve Dove, Jeff Haag, Robin Wagner and Dean Hine. Did not finish were Leroy Long, Justin Rhoads, Elvin Brennan III, Jesse Krasnitsky and Ryan Smith. Did not start was Bobby Kupp.

The street stock cash dash was won by Chris Heller followed by Eric Tripp, Elvin Brennan III and Joey Brennan.

The Vintage race was won by Doug Stepan Chuck, Ron Myers, Todd Lapp, Andy Cassell, Bob Hall, Rick Mutter, Rich Decker, Tom Orth, and Boomer Brush. Did not start was Chris Reid