Perrego Pockets $10,000 With Coalcracker Prelude Victory

POTTSVILLE, PA –It was a race that had many twists and turns but at the end it was invader Anthony Perrego standing in Red White and Blue Autos victory lane after capturing the 50-lap Prelude to the Coalcracker race at Big Diamond Speedway for the Quandel Concrete Modifieds. Logan Watt returned to victory lane winning the Crate 602 Sportsman feature as part of the Prelude to the Coalcracker night and Kris Ney was the winner of the Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner feature. Tanner Jones was the winner of the Central PA Legends main event.

The 50-lap Quandel Concrete Modified feature got underway with Rick Laubach and Doug Manmiller on the front row. With the green flag waving, Laubach experienced a problem causing the field to stack up behind him, ultimately causing Shawn Fitzpatrick to slowly roll over the No. EZ102 immediately brings out the red flag. When the field went back to yellow, Laubach pulled straight to the pits ending his night. It was a complete restart minus the No. 20 of Laubach, now putting Jack Butler alongside Manmilller on the front row. Starter Warren Alston displayed the green flag to start the race and Butler raced to the lead as lap one was scored with Craig Von Dohren going from fifth to third. The first yellow of the race was put out as Jeff Strunk coasted to a stop on the backstretch requiring a push to the pits.

Butler was again the leader on the restart, but a hungry Manmiller was not to be denied and was the new leader on lap five. Manmiller led the way but a battle for second was now underway with Von Dohren all over Butler. Finally on lap ten Von Dohren was able to dispatch Butler for the runner-up spot and start to rundown the leader Manmiller. Lap 15 saw the yellow out again for the No. T102 of Ryan Watt who came to a stop. While under the caution, points leader Brett Kressley had moved into the top ten from his 19th starting spot and was starting to show smoke from under the hood of the No. 19K.

When the racing resumed, it was Von Dohren powering by Manmiller to take the lead, the No. 88X was strong on this night and immediately started to put a gap on the field. As the field was approaching the crossed flags, the yellow was out once again for Bobby Trapper Jr who stopped right off the backstretch. At this point it was Von Dohren leading the way followed by Manmiller, Butler, Anthony Perrego, Ryan Godown, Mike Gular, Billy Pauch Jr, Louden Reimert, Alex Yankowski and Duane Howard. Points leader Kressley went to the pits under the yellow ending his night.

Green was back out with Von Dohren leading but the yellow was back out quickly as Pauch Jr bounced hard off the third turn wall before another lap could be scored. Due to the impact of the hit, the red was put out for precautionary measures, thankfully Pauch was okay. Back to racing and Von Dohren moved out to the lead with Manmiller, Butler, Perrego and Godown the top five as the field took the halfway flags. One lap later, Perrego went by Butler for third as Reimert now entered the top five going by both Butler and Godown for fourth. Perrego was now all over Manmiller for the second spot as Von Dohren continued to lead.

Disaster struck the Dissinger No. 88X coming off turn four to score lap 33 when Von Dohren suddenly pulled to the infield and out of the race handing the lead back to Manmiller. One lap later Perrego was scored as the new leader as he used the inside line to make the pass. Reimert was now up to third and was making a bid for the runner-up spot. Lap 36 saw Godown exit the race as he pulled off the track. Lap 40 and another top runner was in trouble as the No. 44 of Manmiller suddenly came to a stop in turn one. With 10 laps to go, it was Perrego leading over Reimert, Butler, Gular, Howard and Yankowski.

Perrego was able to get a good start over Reimert to move out to a three-car length lead while the battle for third, fourth and fifth was on with Gular, Butler, Yankowski and Howard all racing hard. Yankowski using the high line got past Gular for third, but Gular went back by one lap later. The final five laps saw things settle down with Perrego taking his second win in a row at Big Diamond over Reimert, Gular, Yankowski and Butler. Howard, Cozze, Kevin Beach Jr, Aleia Geisler and Bobby Trapper Jr complete the top ten.

“I got thanks Vince (car owner Vinnie Salerno) for everything, he just keeps going,” said a smiling Perrego in Red White and Blue Autos victory lane. “We have had a lot of motor problems with our big block, but this thing runs really good.  Everywhere we go it is a stout piece. I felt like with all those guys breaking out front and now that I got the lead that something was going to happen to me, it’s been happening all year.”

The USS Achey, Inc. Crate 602 Sportsman 25-lap feature was a cautio filled affair. Pole sitter Kyle Kania leads lap one and after multiple lap two restarts, two-time winner Logan Watt blasts into the lead. The field ran to lap 18 with Watt firmly in control when another yellow was out. The race was stop and go for the next seven laps as the yellow kept coming out forcing Watt to stave off invader Grant Hilfiger numerous times on restarts. Each time Watt was up to the task as he cruised to the win over Hilfiger, Kevin Olenick, Mike Loney and Danny Buccafusca who rebounded after a lap two spin.

The Big Creek Concrete Rookie features saw Brennan Chapman go to the lead from his pole starting spot to lead the entire 15-lap distance to win his fourth rookie feature of the year over Danica Getz, McKenzi Smith and Steven Laubach.

The Red White and Blue Roadrunner 20-lap feature saw CJ Ferguson lead lap one. Kris Ney took the lead on lap two and went on to lead the balance of the race to take the win over Ferguson, Jesse Krasnitsky, Chuck Fayash and Thomas Hablett. It was Ney’s fifth roadrunner win of the year.

The Central PA Legend Cars feature saw seventh place starter Tanner Jones take the lead on lap four and go on to dominate the race to take his second win in a row at Big Diamond Speedway over Seth Kearchner, Mason Chaney, Jeremy Ott and Devin Friese.

Full Results from the Prelude to the Coalcracker Night, Friday August 18th

Quandel Concrete Modified Prelude to the Coalcracker: 1. Anthony Perrego 2. Louden Reimert 3. Mike Gular 4. Alex Yankowski 5. Jack Butler 6. Duane Howard 7. Frank Cozze 8. Kevin Beach Jr 9. Aleia Geisler 10. Bobby Trapper Jr 11. Doug Smith Jr 12. Matt Yoder 13. Doug Manmiller 14. Ryan Godown 15. Craig Von Dohren 16. Mike Lisowski 17. Billy Pauch Jr 18. Brett Kressley 19. Nick Rochinski 20. Ryan Watt 21. Jeff Strunk 22. Timmy Buckwalter 23. Rick Laubach 24. Shawn Fitzpatrick

Did not qualify: Corey Cormier, Scott Albert, Heath Metzger, Cliff Quinn, Ken Eckert Jr, Bryan Rhoads, Ray Swinehart, Wayne Witmer & Corey Renninger

Modified Heat Winners: Frank Cozze, Rick Laubach, Jeff Strunk & Jack Butler

Modified Consi Winners: Alex Yankowski & Bobby Trapper Jr

Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Anthony Perrego ($100), Louden Reimert ($75) & Mike Gular ($50)

Quandel Concrete Modified Point Standings: 1. Brett Kressley 1822 2. Mike Gular 1762 3. Jeff Strunk 1731 4. Louden Reimert 1706 5. Duane Howard 1581 6. Rick Laubach 1488 7. Mike Lisowski 1469 8. Ryan Watt 1457 9. Craig Von Dohren 1399 10. Nick Rochinski 1371

USS Achey, Inc Crate 602 Sportsman: 1. Logan Watt 2. Grant Hilfiger 3. Kevin Olenick 4. Mike Loney 5. Danny Buccafusca 6. Kyle Kania 7. Alex Bartorillo 8. Logan Starr 9. Mia Guy 10. Craig Cuneo 11. Skylar Sheriff 12. Nick Desantis 13. Bobby Kupp 14. Marty Shappell 15. Xavier Sprague 16. Tim Borror 17. Bryce Bashore 18. Brandon Edgar 19. Glenn Rowan 20. Tyler Vidal 21. Jordan Henn 22. Kolyn Schane 23. Matt Martino

Crate 602 Heat Winners: Matt Martino, Nick Desantis and Mike Loney

Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Logan Watt ($100), Grant Hilfiger ($75) & Kevin Olenick ($50)

USS Achey Inc Crate 602 Points Standings: 1. Jordan Henn 1853 2. Danny Buccafusca 1809 3. Logan Watt 1748 4. Kevin Olenick 1637 5. Brandon Edgar 1411 6. Nick Desantis 1253 7. Xavier Sprague 1178 7. Mike Loney 1178 9. Matt Yoder 1090 10. Mike Schneck Jr 1085

Big Creek Concrete Crate 602 Rookies: 1. Brennan Chapman 2. Danica Getz 3. McKenzi Smith 4. Steven Laubach

Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners: 1. Kris Ney 2. CJ Ferguson 3. Jesse Krasnitsky 4. Chuck Fayash 5. Thomas Hablett 6. Louis Gara 7. Joe Bassininsky 8. Eric Buchinski 9. Tonya Lance 10. Mike Reichert

Roadrunner Heat Winner: Kris Ney

Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner Point Standings: 1. Chuck Fayash 3121 2. Kris Ney 3052 3. CJ Ferguson 2888 4. Alex Schoffstall 2526 5. Jim Kost 2133

Central PA Legends: 1. Tanner Jones 2. Seth Kearchner 3. Mason Chaney 4. Jeremy Ott 5. Devin Friese 6. Logan Carbaugh 7. Rick Hartwig 8. Travis Perry 9. Kelby Friese 10. Cory Phillips 11. Kevin Boylan 12. Vincent Wenrich 13. Colton Friese 14. Scott Musselman 15. Grady McGrew 16. Scott Montgomery 17. Dave Benner 18. Hunter McElroy

Legends Heat Winners: Mason Cherry & Tanner Jones