Hile Bags A Win At Brewerton – DTD Exclusive

By:  Bobby Sweeney

BREWERTON, NY – Chris Hile held off Billy Decker throughout the back half of the Big Block Modified feature at Brewerton Speedway, taking his second checkered flag of the season.

Jeff Taylor led the way early in the 35-lap Modified feature, showing quick pace as Roy Bresnahan, Hile, and Decker battled for second. While the three-car battle for second went on, Taylor was motoring away, gapping second-place Hile by about a straightaway by lap 10. Once the runner-up battle settled down, Hile began chasing after Taylor, but smoke from under Taylor’s #11 looked to possibly be a bigger issue than Hile.

Hile caught Taylor using the top side, but with Taylor running the middle in the turns and floating to the wall on the straights, Hile went to the bottom to make the pass for the lead on lap 19. Decker, not far behind Hile, also slipped by Taylor, with Taylor shutting the motor down soon after and bringing his car to the pits.

Following a yellow for Taylor, Hile fired well, leaving Decker to fend off Larry Wight as Hile ran away. However, a rash of late mechanical problems meant a trio of cautions in the final ten laps. Each restart, Hile held steady out front, reaching the checkered first for his second win of the year. Decker came home in second, followed by Wight, Jimmy Phelps, and Tim Sears Jr.

“That one was nervewracking with all the yellows at the end,” Hile said. “I knew we had fast company behind us with Decker and Larry, but we stuck to our guns and pulled it off. I was driving through the little bit of textured spots on the track, it had a little bit of moisture in some of the spots and we were able to launch off of them. We just had a very steady car tonight that allowed me to do things like that and move around wherever I needed.”

Syracuse Haulers Night at The Speedway July 30 Results

(Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds 35 Laps) – CHRIS HILE, Billy Decker, Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps, Tim Sears Jr., Ron Davis III, Tom Sears Jr., Kevin Root, Michael Maresca, Pat Ward, Chad Phelps, Gil Tegg, Corey Cormier, Joe August, Jim Witko, Tim Harris, Tim Murphy, Tyler Trump, Roy Bresnahan, Nick Krause, Jeff Taylor.

(DIRTcar 358 Modifieds Bonus $300. $200. $100) – Tom Sears Jr., Gil Tegg, Corey Cormier.

(Syracuse Haulers Modified Winners Bonus $200) – Chris Hile.

(DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman 25 Laps) – ZACH SOBOTKA, Tyler Murray, Chris Mackey, Tony Finch II, Amy Holland, Ryan Dolbear, JJ Courcy, Alan Fink, Matt Caprara, Mike Button, Brandon Carvey, Max Hill, Quinn Wallis, Jeff Prentice, Chris Bonoffski, Earl Rudy, Emmett Waldron, Matt Kitts, Riley Rogala, Teddy Clayton, Brent Joy, Dale Caswell, Richard Murtaugh.

(NAPA Auto Parts Chase Elliott Award) – Matt Caprara.

(BNEL Excavating $25 Bonus) – Riley Rogala.

(Syracuse Haulers Sportsman Winners Bonus $100) – Zach Sobotka.

(Mike Payne & MP Delivery 7th Place $100 Bonus) – JJ Courcy.

(AmeriCU Credit Union Mod Lites 20 Laps) – JUSTIN WILLIAMS, Clayton Brewer, Mike Mullen, Tom Mackey, Rick Demo, Hunter Lawton, Joe Garafolo, Joe Isabell, Joel Moller, Roger Olschewske, Tucker Halliday, Travis Hewitt, Brad Harris, Doug Williams, Kelly Skinner.

(Syracuse Haulers Mod Lite Winners Bonus $100) – Justin Williams.

(Fleet Repairs 4-Cylinders 15 Laps) – QUINN WALLIS, Ray Bechler, Chuck Powelczyk, Eric Rowley, Damien Bechler, David Denova, Sam Curcie, Sophia Denova, Tom Mackey, Jerry Herbert, Clayton Koch.

(Syracuse Haulers 4-Cylinders Winners Bonus $100) – Quinn Wallis.

(One-on-One Spectator Races) – Nick Harmer.