August & Miller Top Nostalgia CNY Swing

FULTON, NY – Defending Champ Joe August Jr. claimed his second DMNT feature win of 2023 this past Saturday night here at the Fulton Speedway.
August would lead all 20 laps firing off from the pole by virtue of his heat race win. Kingston, Ontario’s Aaron Pugh and Jack Miller of Schorarie, NY would give chase with Pugh running the cushion and Miller running low right around the very bottom of the speedway as August was. Miller would grab second and follow August for the entirety of the 20 lap feature go, waiting for a mistake that would never come. August protected the low side and would use his big block power to gap Miller down the straights.
August, Miller and Pugh would be followed by Constantia, NY’s John West and Marty Bunker of Hallstead, PA rounding out the fast five.
The DMNT returns to action July 21st and 22nd at The Hill and Thunder Mountain respectively.
1) 17G Joe August Jr 2) 37A Jack Miller 3) 21 Aaron Pugh 4) 4W John West 5) S360 Marty Bunker 6) 11X Bill Leonard 7) 0 Casey Doll 8 ) 66 Tom Church 9) 40 Tim Hegarty 10) 61 Ray Preston 11) 19 Megan Ciglich 12) 0 Jon Kuleszo 13) 47A Ron Shadt DNS 49NY Dan Karl.
Jack Miller Aces Brewerton Field
BREWERTON, NY – Jack Miller of Schoharie, NY claimed his first feature win with the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour in his first appearance here this past Friday night.
Kingston, Ontario’s Aaron Pugh would jump into the early lead battling defending champion Joe August Jr. of Brewerton, NY for the first several laps. Miller was slowly working his way to the front from his seventh starting position and would be sitting in third when a caution for John West would bunch up the field.
Pugh would hold the lead for several more laps until Miller would slip by on the low side of the speedway and go on to score the win. Pugh and August would complete the podium with Hallstead, PA’s Marty Bunker and Tom Church of Lyons, NY rounding out the fast five.
1) 37A Jack Miller 2) 21 Aaron Pugh 3) 17G Joe August Jr. 4) S360 Marty Bunker 5) 66 Tom Church 6. 40 Tim Hegarty 7) 5 Ace Prentice 8 ) 49NY Dan Karl 9) 11X Bill Leonard 10) 0 Casey Doll 11) 19 Megan Ciglich 12) 4W John West DNS 12 Matt Larrivee 0 George Palmer