Bridgeport Adds 200 Loads of New Clay

 BRIDGEPORT, NJ-Doug Rose at the Bridgeport Speedway is continuing his massive improvements at the Bridgeport Speedway.
Each year there has been growth at the track and the goal is to make Bridgeport among the elite tracks in the nation.
So recently, Rose brought in 200 truckloads of new black clay and work has commenced in providing a new surface for the weekly racers.
Tony Lascaro was very helpful in tracking down 7 locations that had clay available and then managing all the truck deliveries
Rose explained, “We sent out 7 different samples of clay before choosing this clay we have put down. The objective was to find minimal sand content with very high clay content. This was an ongoing process. When we take on a project. We aim for high quality. If you want to be at the top of your game you have to go all in.”
John Cavalaro has put in countless hours putting down the new surface with the help of Leroy and Rebecca Young. The entire track was covered with four to six inches of the clay.
Rose noted, “Getting material this time of year has big challenges. Material can not be moved with just the grader. Dozers, front end loaders and excavators were all brought in.
This was a great team effort. We are looking forward to a smooth super slick surface
We have a lot of high level events scheduled for this year and we want to be on our A game!”