Turner, Purchase and Ramsay Score Opening Night Wins at Brighton

BRIGHTON, ONT – No. 92 Adam Turner set the pace in the first late model race of the 55th season at Brighton Speedway Saturday night. It was a thriller for fans as they packed the stands and watched 83 stock cars dial in ready to drop the green flag on Coca Cola season opener.

Turner started on the pole and was flawless from start to finish posting the night’s fastest feature lap at 14.46 seconds in the Vanderlaan Building Products 30-lap main event. No. 87 Andrew Hennessy and No. 57 Charlie Sandercock went to war door to door as they hunted down the 92 but they couldn’t come close to Turner as he flew to victory lane. “It felt good,” Turner said in victory lane. “Anytime you start near 87 and 57 you can’t take it very easy for long.” During the chase, Turner, the number three finisher from last season said he didn’t know how close the champ and runner-up actually were to him.

“I tried to slow the pace down with eight to go,” he said. “I saw Caley and Steve up there running so I think that was smart. I didn’t want to get up there with them and have to switch lines because I don’t think there was much track outside of where I was running.” He dedicated the win to the late Rick “Soapy” Sopaz who always helped him, his son Late Model No. 11 Kyle Sopaz and many other drivers at the track.

Earlier in the night, the speedway observed a moment of silence for Sopaz, Lou Reddom and Donnie Freeman.

Hennessy held on to second all the way to the finish with Sandercock placing third, No. 55 Bradley Rayner was fourth and No, 46 Brandon Mowat fifth.

1st time’s the charm for Purchase in maiden mod win

If only every first attempt was as successful as Wade Purchase’s premier appearance in a Canadian Modified. The longtime Thunderstock driver slapped his 53 on a mod, jumped in and started fifth for the Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust 25-lap feature. No. 32 Doug O’Blenis pounced on the lead at the drop of the green flag while Purchase worked his way around No. 51 Mike Freeman, No. 1 Shawn Gregory and No. 48 Derrick Greig. O’Blenis and Purchase didn’t go wheel to wheel for long before the 53 took off and sailed to checkers. “That was a night I could have only dreamt of having,” Purchase said when asked if he ever thought he would score his first Canadian Modified win so fast. “They are very fun to drive. They are completely new to me so it’s all different and I like that.” O’Blenis picked up an earned second place with Gregory third, No. 40 Ron Wadforth fourth and Freeman fifth.

Ramsay rides to victory lane

A full field of 26 Brighton Automotive Thunder Stocks took to the 1/3 mile clay oval in what would be a caution riddled 20-lap affair. No. 03 Justin Ramsay was quick to take the lead from his second starting position and never lost his groove as each caution flag slowed the action. No. 0 Tyler French and No. 72 Doug Anderson chased Ramsay with vengeance but it wasn’t enough as the 03 was determined to defend his crown opening night. With the checkered flag in hand, Ramsay dedicated his victory to one of his main crewmen the late Jerry “Jercat” d’Entremont who came to every race, “He did a lot of work on this bad boy and this one is for him,” Ramsay said. Anderson secured a second-place finish with French in third, No. 88 Patrick Easton fourth and No. 26 Kraig Handley fifth.

South secures opening night win

No. 72 Austin South was determined to pay a visit to victory lane in the Bill’s Johns Mini Stock 15-Lap feature. He started outside pole, snapped up the lead and muscled his way through the turns as No. 18 Carter Rhodes pushed his way up from fourth to go wheel to wheel with South. Carter took the lead once but that was more than South could handle as he pushed through and parked it. No. 12 Caleb Severn finished runner-up, Rhodes third, No. 4 Chris Tufford fourth and No. 11w Mike Whyte fifth.

Oosterholt parks it

No. 79 Ryan Oosterholt started on the pole and never gave it up throughout the Bill’s Johns Comp 4 15-lap main event. Oosterholt was solid on the inside as No. 11 Jeff Humphry battled hard from behind to try and get the best of him. It was close right up to the finish with Oosterholt taking first place and leaving Humphry to settle for a well-fought second. No. 44 Tommy Bailey placed third, No. 42j Aiden Fletcher fourth and No. 20 Cody Sager fifth.

Coming next Saturday, May 7th KIDS RACE for the Canadian National Autism Foundation hosts a full race program including the Vanderlaan Building Products Ltd. Late Models, Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modifieds, Brighton Automotive Thunder Stocks, Bill’s Johns Comp 4 and Quinte Septic Stingers. Front Gates open at 5:00 PM, Hot Laps begin at 6:00 PM and the green flag drops at 7:00 PM. Grandstand Admission is $15.00 for Adults, $12.00 for Youths & Seniors, $7.00 for Children 7 to 12 and$2.00 for Children 6 & Under. Tickets can be bought at the gate or save time, and buy in advance on line. Visit BrightonSpeedway.ca for up to date information and purchasing options.

April 30th, 2022 Top 5 Race Results

Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model Division: 1st No. 92 Adam Turner, 2nd No. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 3rd No. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 4th No.55 Brad Rayner, 5th No. 46 Brandon Mowat

Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division: 1st No. 53 Wade Purchase, 2nd No. 32 Doug O’Blenis, 3rd No. 1 Shawn Gregory, 4th No. 40 Ron Wadforth, 5th No. 48 Derrick Greig

Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock Division: 1st No. 03 Justin Ramsay, 2ND No. 72 Doug Anderson, 3rd No. 0 Tyler French, 4th No. 88 Patrick Easton, 5th No. 26 Kraig Handley

Bill’s Johns Mini Stock Division: 1st No. 72 Austin South, 2nd No. 12 Caleb Severin, 3rd No. 18 Carter Rhodes, 4th No. 44 Chris Tufford, 5th No. 11w Mike

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Division: 1st No. 79 Ryan Oosterholt, 2nd No. 44 Tommy Bailey, 3rd No. 42jr Aidan Fletcher, 4th No. 20 Cody Sager, 5th No. 43 Devon Kippen