Turner Storms to Second Victory at Brighton Speedway


BRIGHTON, ONT – Race fans were treated to a full card at Brighton Speedway on Saturday night that saw six divisions including the Gord’s Water Vantastics.

An impressive 91 cars dialed in including the Late Models, Thunder Stocks, Mini Stocks, Comp 4 and Stinger classes.

The ever-popular Gord’s Water Vantastics feature was more like a 12-lap demolition derby where only the strongest would survive. No. 96 Ryan Kiri and No. 98 Jack Juby led the field of seven vans to green in a wild start that had them bunched up in a battle for the lead. No. 19 Del MacGregor was determined to park it as he worked his minivan with passenger Ross Kingyens up to first from his seventh starting position. As much of the field dropped like flies, MacGregor came out on top for the W. No. 55 Tristan LeClair was second, No. 77 Bernie Rhebergen third, No. 98 Jack Juby fourth and No. 01 Cody Juby fifth.

Turner storms to second victory

After picking up his first season win on opening night, No. 92 Adam Turner was searching for more success on Night 6 in the Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model division. The Prince Edward County driver found it taking only mere two laps to work his way up from fourth to first. Turner never lost his cool as multiple cautions slowed the action in the 30-lap affair. He was flawless as No. 11 Kyle Sopaz breathed down his neck through every turn. Turner rode to victory lane for the second time this season with Sopaz earning a hard-fought second. Weese placed third, No. 5 Steve Baldwin was fourth and No 87 Andrew Hennessy fifth.

Ramsay racks up third win

After a solid qualifier win, No. 03 Justin Ramsay was bent and bound to park his Thunder Stock for a third time in the Brighton Automotive 20-lap feature Saturday night. The Belleville native put the hammer down at the drop of the green flag and muscled his way from seventh taking on a new contender at each turn. Points leader, No. 0 Tyler French proved to be the 03’s toughest challenger as the pair went back and forth for the lead. It was a close one right up until the end with Ramsay crossing the finish line a second ahead of French. No. 1 Brock Gregory was third, No. 48 Adam Wells fourth and No. 72 Doug Anderson fifth.

Rhodes rides to checkers

No. 96 Cole Abrams and No. 5Kids Eric Conlin started out front in the Bill’s Johns Mini Stocks 15-lap affair. Abrams looked like he was going to score his first victory of the season however, No. 18 Carter Rhodes had other plans. Rhodes took the lead and pushed on to victory lane. No. 11w Mike Whyte placed second, No. 4 Chris Tufford third, No. 12 Caleb Severn fourth and No. 72 Austin South fifth.

Kippen claims second checkered flag

No. 19 Adam Davidson and No. 22 Keith Dunk took the Bill’s Johns Comp 4s to green in the 15-lap main event as No. 43 Devon Kippen maneuvered through the field. Kippen snapped up the lead and never relinquished the point as he drove to the winner’s circle. No. 44 Tommy Bailey took home second, No. 42 JR Aidan Flecher third, No. 20 Cody Sager was fourth and Davidson fifth.

Pickell picks up another victory

No. 99 Alex Woods and No. 67J Joshua Whitney led the field of 21 Quinte Septic Stingers to green in their 12-lap main event. Whitney dominated the race but lapped traffic proved to be problematic and allowed No. 93 Jordan Pickell to slip into first and on to victory lane for the second time this season leaving Whitey to settle for second. Woods finished third, No. 26 Chris Sparks was fourth and No. 17e Evan Minnie fifth.

Next Saturday Night!

June 11th marks the return of the Southern Ontario Sprint cars. These winged warriors will visit four times this season before they join the Knights of Thunder 360 Sprints for the Labour Day Classic Weekend. Don’t miss the racing action this Saturday presented by Deerhaven Powersports and John West Construction including Late Models, Canadian Modifieds, Comp 4’s and Mini Stocks along side the SOS. Visit BrightonSpeedway.ca to buy your tickets online! Front Gates open at 5:00 pm and Green Flag racing action begins at 7:00 pm.


Photos provided by Rod Henderson, CanadianRacer.ca

1. No. 92 Adam Turner held on to the lead for the feature win in the Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model event on Saturday night.

2. Gord’s Water Vantastics thrilled fans and brought laughter to the crowd as the field of 7 mini vans chased down the checked flag on Saturday night at Brighton Speedway.

Race Results: Saturday, June 4th, 2022

Vanderlaan Building Products Ltd. Late Model (30 Laps)

1. 92 Adam Turner, 2. 11 Kyle Sopaz, 3. 77 Caley Weese, 4. 5 Steve Baldwin, 5. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 6. 55 Brad Rayner, 7. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 8. 21 Rich Sanders, 9. 01 Eli Mayhew, 10. 33 David Vandertoorn, 11. 46 Brandon Mowat, 12. 73 Nate Rinaldi, 13. 0 Ryan Goudie

Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock (20 Laps)

1. 03 Justin Ramsay, 2. 0 Tyler French, 3. 1 Brock Gregory, 4. 48 Adam Wells, 5. 72 Doug Anderson, 6. 85 Austin Reid, 7. 18 Kyle Anderson, 8. 88 Patrick Easton, 9. 9 Josh Black, 10. 19 Cory White, 11. 74 Mike Lucas, 12. 77 Adrian Hancock, 13. 17 Jeff Humphry, 14. 14 Chris Dorland, 15. 7 Ricky Phillips, 16. 41 Ryan Lambert, 17. 87 James Turgeon, 18. 28 Cole McKeown, 19. 23 Doug May, 20. 16 Kaitlyn O’Blenis, 21. 01 Kyle Gregory, 22. 08 Angie Kirby, 23. 76 Cody Driscoll

Bill’s Johns Mini Stock (15 Laps)

1. 18 Carter Rhodes, 2. 11w Mike Whyte, 3. 4 Chris Tufford, 4. 12 Caleb Severin, 5. 72 Austin South, 6. 95 Chris Lammle, 7. 07 Percy Walsh,8. 71 Alesha Gerard, 9. 87 Steven Hennige, 10. 7 Anthony Rinaldi, 11. 5 Eric Conlin, 12. 22 Tyson Gregory, 13. 01 Scott Simpson, DQ. 96 Cole Abrams, DQ. 25 Lawrence Evenden

Bills Johns Comp 4 Division (15 Laps)

1. 43 Devon Kippen, 2. 44 Tommy Bailey, 3. 42jr Aidan Fletcher, 4. 20 Cody Sager, 5. 19 Shannon White (SUB A.Davidson), 6. 33 Adam Milton, 7. 17e Emily Wood-Peterson, 8. 22 Keith Dunk, 9. 85j Jordan Monaghan

Gord’s Water Mini Van

1. 19 Del MacGregor & Ross Kingyens, 2. 55 Tristan LeClair & Jane Mastin, 3. 77 Bernie Rhebergen, 4. 98 Jack Juby & Rebecca Clapp, 5. 1 Cody Juby & Kyle Rhebergen, 6. 07 Megan Golden, 7. 9, Ryan Kiri & Anthony Vandertoorn

Quinte Septic Stingers (12 Laps)

1. 93 Jorden Pickell, 2. 67j Josh Whitney, 3. 99 Alex Woods, 4. 26 Chris Sparks, 5. 17e Evan Minnie, 6. 12 Shane Vale, 7. 41 Landon Mutch, 8. 87 Dawson Beaudrie, 9. 17 Gavin Rushlow, 10. 79 Robert Jenner, 11. 27 Kendal Hase, 12. 67 Alex Patrick, 13. 95 Nicole Deveau, 14. 03A Dillion Barker, 15. 14 Kevin Mutch, 16. 64 Chris Johnson, 17. 7 Josh Toon, 18. 28 Jay Brewer, 19. 07 Megan Golden, 20. 30 Ryan Hill, DNS. 4 Stephen Scott